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Google is back with a bang: Now Android System will direct your cars

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Google has conquered the whole world with its miraculous and remarkable technologies in the world of the operating system. After taking over the world, now Google is back with an incredible invention in the automobile world.

Google has recently announced that now it will be introducing its operating system into the automobile world. From Volvo to Audi, all the new cars will be integrated with an Android Operating System.

This is certainly a new beginning of technology in the automobile world as these new featured cars will turn out to be a boon for the drivers in an astounding and resourceful manner.

The cars will have a built-in version of the Android operating system which will facilitate the driver and travelers to control the car system with a voice command.

The new-fangled technology encompasses various phenomenal features which let you control various functions like; controlling the sunroof or the temperature of the car over a voice command which is utterly miraculous for this century.

The car system will be integrated with a voice control system and Google assistant, facilitating the drivers to control the functions without any hassle.

Controlling the air conditioned or windows or even searching for locations on Google maps can be effectually done with this automotive software system.

This is not the first time that Google has brought out such an advancement in the automobile world,  a few years ago Google launched a software which allowed the people to control their car system through their phones.

After a short span of time, Google is back with a bang and this new feature is simply astounding as it makes the driving experience much easier and safer.

Audi Q8 and Volvo V90 SUVS will be the first new cars in which the Google car android operating system will be integrated. Various other software companies are working on this new initiative and pitching in to develop such kind of astounding automotive software.

The version of Android software running in a Volvo has mainly divided into 3 panels and each panel has a specific function.

The first and the central one is for controlling the music, making calls and for navigation purpose. The second panel controls are the key functions of the car and the third one provides you with a list of pre-installed applications.

The Google Assistant can be activated with voice command or a button which is located on the steering wheel of the car which facilitates the drivers in a resourceful way.

As far as the safety is concerned, Google has made sure that none of the features of this operating system distracts the attention of the drivers and has designed the operating system according to that.

The new technology brought by Google in the world of the automobile will definitely be a miraculous one. This has utterly amazed the world and has turned its head over heels.

Controlling the car system without an android phone is a boon for the people. Moreover, Google is further planning to enhance the features of this car operating system and will spread it eventually in every corner of our lives and will make it easier and better for us.

This new technology and advancement brought by Google in automobile world will be an absolute boon for the entire automobile industry in the future.

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