Google Glass – A Wearable Computer Ready To Come Back in 2017

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Google debuted its first Google Glass in 2013, as a portable computer that​ can be head-worn like spectacles. This wearable gadget failed to take off as the people thought it was overly expensive as a consumer’s product. The Google had to shut down its production after the sales completely stop in 2015.

The Enterprise edition of Google Glass was announced this year by a company known as Alphabet. The futuristic gadget is all ready for come back with its new upgrade and features. However, this edition would not be available for consumers and the company is hoping that Google Glass will be used in factories to help worker perform their job efficiently. The tech has already been purchased by companies like DHL, Boeing and GE.

The Enterprise edition comes with major upgrades like a camera with more resolution than its predecessor ( upgraded from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels), a much better processor, faster WiFi, a bigger battery with extended battery life and a red notification LED that lights up while recording. It will be modular, meaning the electronics of the device can be detached and reattached.

Image by Sports Wearable

The sale of this edition is still quite small and up til now only a couple of hundred units have been sold out. According to the Project Leader at Alphabet, this is not just​ an experiment like the last time, this is going to be full-on production. The feedback from the users of the Glass has been very positive.
The Glass provides the workers assistive information and improves the productivity.

This time Google will face competition with Microsoft’s​ HoloLens, HTC’s Vive, Oculus Rift and Snapchat spectacles. This time, the gadget will be sold by means of a scope of specific programming organizations, which are packaging it with their individual facility.

The previous version of Google Glass cost around like $1500. The cost of the new item will fluctuate based on the required programming customization, client support and preparing. These new spectacles​ will be sold through a system of “Glass Partners”, the organization that provides training​, integration and client support to companies.

The Chief of Alphabet’s experimental X division, reported “We’re not going to prejudge exactly what that path is… We’ll focus on the places that are actually getting value out of that and go through the journey with them, being open-minded about where it’s going to go.”

This shows that Google Glass Enterprise edition is an open program for other companies​ to participate in it. Alphabet’s approach towards workplace-focused assistive device might spawn in the success of Google Glass rather than producing it as the mass market product.


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