Google Donates $1Billion To Non Profit Organization For The Change Of Workforce

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Last Thursday Google announced its largest donation of pledging $1 billion over the next 5 years to Job training and educational organizations to change the future of work.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the job opportunities are decreasing day by day. Artificial Intelligence and automated technologies are taking over and according to a recent research by CB Insights, in nearly 10 years at least 10 million job opportunities in the United States will be taken over automation.

The search giant has aimed to provide funds over the next five years in the form of grants to non-profit organizations that focus on training and educating worker to help them find better jobs and start their own businesses.

The C.E.O of Google Sundar Pichai held up an event in Pittsburgh and unveiled this program “changing nature of work”. The event was also joined by the governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf and the Mayor Bill Peduto.

At the conference Sundar Pichai said,

“We’re always asking how we can make sure the opportunities created by new technology are available for everyone, in any city, in any state. In asking that, we recognize that there are large gaps in opportunity across the U.S. These are tough gaps.”

According to him, people lack the right skills that are required for the current workforce and even the tech schools are struggling.

The Google is going to make its largest single donation as a part of this initiative program to Goodwill, the company will also provide 1000 Google workers to educate and train over 1.2 million people in tech skills for over the next three years.

The partnership with Goodwill is going to fund training at over 156 Goodwill locations across the country, Sundar Pichai said that he chose this organization because it covers over 80 percent of American live with in 10 miles Goodwill range.

Image By Google

The Google will also be launching a new website, which will provide free of cost online training and education about basic programming and IT positions. The program will teach people to code and will award them with “nano degrees” and certificates in Subjects like G Suite or IT.

Google has also partnered up with Coursera and Udacity, two of the biggest online companies for training.

They have also started a program “Grow with Google” which will provide one million hour volunteer work. This will help United States workers by giving them access to Google products and in-person training sessions. There will be a tour of sessions in Indianapolis on November 10th and 11th.

The company even wants to help in finding jobs and recently announced its Google Job Search Project which will make this task easier and faster and will provide you with available job opportunities sorted by categories according to your preference in their existing search engine.

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