Google Android O Beta software is now available for public

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Finally Google has released its new operating software ‘Android O beta’ for public. This time Google has not come up with a new device but with latest software for its users.

In the I/O conference which held last week, Google announced the news of availability of the Android O beta software. The software can now be installed by the users who are eligible for it.

The users can install this latest android software ‘Android O Beta’ in their Nexus and Pixel smart-phones now.

Android O beta is compatible with a few devices like; Google Nexus 5X, Nexus Player, Nexus 6P, Pixel C Tablet, Google Pixel and Pixel XL smart phones.

This new operating system software seems to be quite miraculous and pertinent in terms of performance and speed.

The software Android O beta is 919 MB in size which can be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection as the software is quite heavy and will consume a lot of data and time for downloading.

But for installing the software it’s substantial that your battery must be full charged or must be plugged in to avoid any interruption which can impinge on the whole process and the device as well.

The users can easily install the software by visiting the website and signing-in into their Google account. The user will get a complete detail of the software and thus will be able to know whether the user’s device is eligible for the software (Android O beta) or not.

To get enroll into program, the user has to hit the button and as soon as the button will be hit the update will be sent to the user via OTA.

But for installing the latest software it’s imperative that your device is running on Android 6.0.1 or a higher version and plus it must be capable to install programs for unknown sources.

The unknown sources option can be enabled but if the device is running over Android less than Android 6.0.1 then the device is not compatible with Android O beta software.

But this new software has a few setbacks like the software has the stability issue and the user device can even hang or crash during the software installation process or after the installation.

According to Google, “Google may also perform experiments on devices enrolled in the Beta program, which could include disabling or altering the behavior of certain settings (such as Battery Saver). Your use is at your own risk, and not Google’s. Certain functionality (including core functionality, such as your ability to place and receive calls) or applications may not work properly. You are solely responsible for any error, defect, damage or destruction due to such use, including damage to any device or loss of data.”

It’s imperative and highly recommended by Google to backup all the data from the device because if the device crashes during the installation process all the data will be lost.

This is the drawback of this latest software and thus users are more concerned and pondering over the fact that whether they should upgrade their devices or not.

However, Android O Beta is the latest android software which is now available for users whose devices are eligible for the software and it’s the matter of fact whether this latest software of Google will able to dominate over the market or not.

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