Good news for Fortnite Players – Epic announces an all-new live replay system

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Who doesn’t know about Fortnite right? The Battle Royale game which has taken the world by storm. The game cannot be mastered literally, and it is like nicotine; It will leave you addicted. Now to add more fuel to the fire, Epic announced that they will release a new live replay system for the game, which will enable Fortnite players to post their glory moments on the web easily and you can rejoice by looking at your own gameplay in real time.

The announcement came at this year’s GDC at San Francisco. Not only this but the very reason that Fortnite got so much popularity was through social media as well.  Channels like Ninja on streaming services and Ali-A on YouTube have attracted quite a lot of subscribers owing to their Fortnite videos. Therefore, it was near time that Epic released a live replay system.

Epic showed off this new system at the GDC. According to Forbes, “The system that Epic showed off at GDC was fairly robust, with an array of editing, camera and UI options that would be useful for everything from esports style spectation to intense movie-style editing — emotes, in particular, just became all that much more valuable to someone aiming to do some more involved storytelling. Costumes broaden your pallet too: all of this is good for a free-to-play game. ”

Even if one wasn’t a fan of themselves watching gameplays to enjoy the glory, they were still looking for a replay system to know that how they were sniped by the other person.

There was a replay system in place by the major competitor of this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since a couple of months, and people did find it useful. They had tried and tested it a lot, with a variety of combinations. Therefore this new replay system is going to give Fortnite another boom they are currently enjoying.

The replay system would aid other developers as well. This is because the replay system is also going to be added to Unreal Engine 4. This is because not only does Epic have a flagship game i.e. Fortnite, but they also have an amazing product, in the form of Unreal Engine 4. Therefore, whatever improvements they are going to do to Fortnite, they are going to do the same on their game engine as well and vice versa.

Sadly, as of now, it is not known, about when the replay feature shall be made available to the public. All that we know now is that “soon” is the word around when Epic was asked about the time. The feature shall be available to consoles and computer gamers first, and then support shall be added for mobile as well. Though the word “soon” can be taken lightly by some implying that it might take longer but this isn’t the case with Fortnite. This is because operating on a strict schedule and a growing gamer-base, Epic would surely like to seize the opportunity by releasing a feature, all gamers love so passionately.

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