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Gogoanime: Free Anime Streaming Service and How to Access it

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We all have hobbies that we love to do in our free times. Some of us love to play video games while others read books or watch movies or TV shows. The purpose of it is, basically, to relax the mind, not to think about work or any other burdens for a while and enjoy some personal time.

For the people who watch movies or TV shows, there are online streaming services that let you stream your favorite titles any time you want. They mostly come with a monthly or yearly subscription plan and are priced reasonably.

But what if the movies or shows you watch are not on any of these streaming services? What if you prefer a special genre of Japanese animated shows known as Anime that aren’t easily available on online platforms for the world to access? Worry not, that’s where the free streaming service called Gogoanime comes.

What is Anime?

Now what is Anime? It refers to special type of shows specifically made in Japan and are originally in the Japanese language. They are animated and may be classified as “cartoons” because they are definitely more popular in children compared to adults. But not all anime is made for children. There are some shows that feature explicit content, gore and even violence that is not suitable for children hence we get the adult involvement.

Anime is even liked by the elderly, but they are much less in number compared to children, teenagers and young adults. Anime has a unique style in the way the characters are drawn; their eyes are big with angular faces and spiky hair are what makes them different from regular “cartoons”.

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It is also to be noted that Anime only refers to the animated shows and movies, not the comics. The black and white comic book with the same character drawing as Anime is actually called Manga. Almost all Anime has a Manga counterpart for people who prefer to read than to watch. Manga is considerably cheaper to produce and require a lot less people. But it also shows half the action as many instances cannot be represented on a sheet of paper compared to a virtual screen.

I’ve referred to anime before as “not that popular in the rest of the world in terms of availability”. Don’t get me wrong here. Anime is popular, even outside of Japan. It’s just that there are not many websites and streaming services that have Anime titles so it’s difficult for people to watch their favorite shows.

You might be wondering, at this point, that why would anyone watch anime specifically? I mean if it’s “just a cartoon”, aren’t there sufficient alternatives that are more readily available? Not really. Anime is like another world, it takes you on an adventure with impactful characters and creative stories that takes your imagination to the next level. Really, there is no suitable replacement to the world of anime.

What is Gogoanime and Why is it good?

Gogoanime is an Anime streaming and downloading website that lets you download and watch Anime of your choice, for free. The best thing about it is the vast variety of content available. You literally have all genres of Anime, be it action, drama, kids, horror, everything ready to be watched and downloaded. The series that are still ongoing (still being released) are updated every day so you can get the latest content as soon as possible. It would have been perfect if it had an RSS feed option to let you know about the latest update on new episodes, but I guess that can be forgiven.

Other than that, it also has a really smooth interface and is overall easy to use for any age group. The use high quality servers, that ensure faster download speeds even for people with slow internet connection and that is one of the main reasons why people love it. There is also an effective rating service for each title and can help you decide if the particular show is worth watching or not.

Since Anime is mostly started off in Japanese language, a major problem with non-Japanese viewers is the language barrier. But that is not an issue since most titles are offered with English subtitles and some are even dubbed in popular international languages. Lastly the admin of Gogoanime is easily approachable as you can contact them if you have a business inquiry, a regular customer query or even a request to include a show that hasn’t been included in their vast collection.

How to access it?

If you’re using a PC and want to access your favorite anime, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Select your desired title from either the list provided of their popular series or by using a search bar at the top right of the page.
  3. After selecting the title, it will take you to a page with a web player ready to play.
  4. In case, the server selected isn’t responding, there’s a list of servers below the player for alternative sources. Select one that works.Gogoanime

If you prefer a portable device or are using a mobile phone, then the browser won’t be suitable for this. But worry not, Gogoanime has apps for both Android and iOS. It is to be noted that the app is found under the name “KissAnime TV” but can be found by typing Gogoanime in the search bar of your respective App Store.

Gogoanime streaming site


The first thing that might’ve crossed your mind about Gogoanime must’ve been if it is legit. Well it depends, really on the laws of the region you’re watching. Normally, it is illegal to access copyrighted content like this but in most countries, it doesn’t matter so from a legal standpoint, you’re good to go. Although, the creator/owner of this website won’t be that lucky in these regards. Distributing and pirating copyrighted material is far more of a serious crime than just consuming it. However, that also isn’t much of an issue since there’s an abundance of pirated websites online that provide content like this.

Other than that, a common problem with free streaming sites like these is adware. There are fake download links present as advertisements and can download unwanted software on your PC. A common case is “”. It is a browser hijacker which, after installation, hides itself and forces your browser to display ads and change its default search engine. It is a nuisance really but can be rid of using Malwarebytes in case you are unfortunate enough to get it.

Another question that gets raised is about how this service may affect people’s lives adversely. It is speculated that Anime is quite addictive and, as a result, people spend too much of their times watching it than focusing on their real jobs. It is true, and it happens, I’m not going to deny this.

Anime can be addicting and sometimes you can find yourself at a point where you’re so curious as to what would happen in the next episode that you forget how much time you’re spending on it. But, I’ll have to disagree with the accusation being on the anime rather than the person in this situation. It is a completely subjective issue and can happen with anything mildly interesting even if it is not Anime.


So, we’ve reached the conclusion that Gogoanime is a safe and reliable site to use on a regular basis. You just have to be well aware of choosing the right download links in order to avoid adware or getting rid of it once you get it. But, considering other free online streaming websites, the amount of adware you get is far less comparatively. Which makes this evidently better.

Couple that with fast servers and you’ve got a perfect place to watch all your favorite anime. There are some people who find it morally wrong to access copyrighted for free even though they won’t get into any trouble for it. But for them, there are websites where they can purchase anime “legally”. This is for those who would much rather have it for free.

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