Globally topping 10K chargers, Tesla supercharger network to expand double in 2017

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If you own a Tesla charger, the excuse of electric cars that never have something to juice up, will no longer survive. Tesla just opened up with the news of planning to extend the size of the charging network to its double by the end of 2017. It assures more chargers at existing locations and sites for new Model 3s superchargers.

Tesla’s global is going to launch extraordinary Model 3 for the company. The charging infrastructure in electric vehicle mix has not missed as it is required as a key ingredient. At the moment, it has been announced by the automakers that the networks of superchargers globally began this year were over 5,000 and it will going to install supercharges globally up to 10,000, which means Tesla will become double with its network this year. The above figures listed correspond to the whole Tesla’s global supercharger network.

Destination charging connectors are commercial equivalents of home chargers EV holders that mostly installed in garage will be increasing from over 9,000 to 15,000 installations by the end of 2017. Tesla’s Destination Charging connectors are different from the Superchargers.

The number of Tesla supercharges which are total in North America will soon going to boost up to 150 percent. Similarly, the state of California alone will get new superchargers up to 1,000.

Tesla took 5 years to reach the milestone of 5,000 charger installed. Previously, Supercharger network was established back in year 2012. It also signifies exponential rushing in its expansion, doubling the network in 2017. Trying to eliminate and improve the existing and estimated wait times, rising capacity of presenting sites, addition of dense areas including urban centers are kind of expansion in supercharger network.

Eventually, Tesla infrastructure drive will be required due to the increasing demand brought by the release of Model 3 vehicle that will enlarge 500,000 units per every year. Model S and X vehicles will have more top range power when compared to Model 3s, still the demand of Model 3s will be elevated.

Applications of Tesla includes the partnering with restaurants, hotels and some other destinations to set Tesla wall chargers to increase the business set up. By the extension of Tesla supercharger network, it provides more efficient and consistent charging facility to the Tesla user.

Tesla is opening up thousands of new supercharger stations. Vehicles would be charge simultaneously when more number of chargers is added to the already existing supercharger stations. This time, local users will be given facility through the opening of more number of sites away from urban areas or highways.

In past, Superchargers were limited to thoroughfares since they help in longer-distance move. Tesla is work efficiently, as it provides 170 miles of range in about half hour, with the charging power of 145Kw which is long enough for holder. Over the past year Tesla worked really hard to expand the network of superchargers, but this year proves itself lucky for the company.

Tesla is trying to double the size of Supercharger network in the current year of 2017. It will increase the equipment to 10,000 and superchargers at the number of 15,000. Tesla is looking for site selection and it will further going to work for construction soon, despite of many barriers in this scorching summer season.

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