Gigabyte rebranding its specifically designed motherboards for Ryzen CPU

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Gigabyte is one of the most notable brands in the gaming industry mostly due to their laptops and Graphics cards that are usually cheap and sometimes better than the Founders edition cards.

Not only the Graphics cards of Gigabyte are the selling frontiers of the company but also the gaming motherboards they sell and the gaming power connectors that they started recently. Their motherboards come in different sizes and configurations that are compatible with all types of the PC cases from the mini ITX, pro ATX to the liquid-cooled gaming PC builds. The motherboard is the most central part of every PC be it a gaming PC or a server device as it houses every component of the PC and has ports for the connections of the other hardware such as the Drives.

The new AMD Ryzen mid-range CPUs that are promising better gaming performance than any other CPU due to the in-built VEGA GPUS which can perform on par with the low-end graphics cards. These processors require specialized motherboards to work at their full potential.

AMD is still felicitating its partners to release products for its Ryzen processors; they are now releasing the improved version of the B350 chipsets by the name of B340 chipsets that we saw recently over Newegg. The improvements they made most noticeably add supports for AMD’s XFR2 enhanced and precision boost that provides overclocking without any external aid.


Most of the other specs remains the same and due to the added goodies of the 2nd generation of AMD’s CPUs the motherboard is almost as efficient as the high-end X470 chipset with a tradeoff of a couple of PCIe Gen 2 lines since they are six instead of eight and two SATA 6Gbps ports as there are four here instead of six and it also lacks the Crossfire and SLI support but it does support the SSD caching that helps in maintaining the high read or write speeds.


Right at the verge of launch of these motherboards that are cheaper alternatives of roughly same performing X470 motherboards Gigabyte is ditching its gaming 7/5/3 nomenclature in favor of terms like Xtreme, Ultra, Pro, Elite and it is updating the price too, you might have to pay less than what the original price that’s what we heard.

Some of the motherboards are now named as AB350 Gaming 3 become B450 Aorus Elite, AB350M Gaming 3 is now called B450 Aorus M. If you were looking for these motherboards, they would be available in the market with the names mentioned above.

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