Giant Motor Company mulling over Electric Taxi to reduce pollution in Mexico City

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The latest revolutionary technology which will soon hit the Automobile world has left the whole market in a trance. The popular automobile company Giant Motors which is partially owned by Carlos Slim announced that the company is working on proto type electric taxi.

This world-shattering idea will replace the automobiles especially cabs in Mexico which runs on gas and spread air pollution and for tackling with pollution problem the company came up with such startling initiative.

The automobile company Giant Motors partnered with the famous electric vehicle maker Moldex along with 4 Mexican universities and a unit of Mexican bread-maker Grupo Bimbo for turning out this idea into a reality.

These eco-friendly cabs will turn out to be ground-breaking boon for this era as the pollution is nowadays is one of the most faced problem across the world and Mexicans are trying to lessen this issue by replacing 130,000 registered cabs by electric taxi.

“We’re developing the prototypes and hope to finish them this year to find a viable solution, an electric vehicle, that genuinely replaces gasoline-using cars,” Massri  (The Chief Executive of Giant Motors) said in an interview.

According to the reports, a thick haze occasionally descends on the city and due to which the citizens has to face some health problems like irritation in throats and eyes. The responsible authorities have also issued the health warnings as the air quality of the city was quite pitiable in last few weeks.

“The peculiar challenge with taxis in Mexico City is that they often ride around with no passenger, looking for a fare,” said Massri.  He also said that if the company wants the taxi to run for a long time then these electric taxis will require fast-charging batteries too.
This issue is faced by the city because around 5.4 million vehicles are running in the city and thus the rate of air pollution is getting higher day by day.

This new technology will be a boon as this will facilitate the responsible authorities to lessen the pollution issue and it is also expected that after the arrival of Electric Taxi, many other automobile brands will also take interest in this new technology and will come up with new more similar ideas.

In last few years, Moldex and Giant Motors together produced and sold around 500 light electric cargo trucks. These electric trucks have the capability to handle the weight of cargoes up to one tonne. This is a massive change brought into the automobile world by these two popular automobile companies.

According to Massri,” The experience has given us a platform for taxi project.” There previous were quite successful in the automobile world and people can expect that this new idea will also turn out to be a massively successful one.

In February, the Giant Motors and China’s Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co Ltd. along with the popular distributer Chori Co Ltd. announced that will building SUVs at a plant located in the central state of Hidalgo and the amount which will be invested in this mega project will be around $210 Million.

All these new upcoming mega projects will utterly hit the market. This electric taxi will facilitate the citizen of the city in a remarkable way and soon the Electric automobiles will take over the automobiles running on the natural resources.

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