Ghost of Tsushima: The Best Easter Eggs and how to find them

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Ghost of Tsushima is the talk of the town these days. Sucker Punch, a studio that’s known for the Infamous and Sly Cooper franchise, has knocked it out of the park with their latest Action-RPG game. Doing a complete 180 in terms of genre and style, Ghost of Tsushima is the Bellevue-based studio’s first foray into a cinematic Samurai game.

From the combat to the visuals, Ghost of Tsushima manages to nail things perfectly in every department. The game has an incredibly satisfying combat system that makes you really feel like a samurai while also presenting a wide variety of attack options. In addition to that, Ghost of Tsushima also shifts a great deal of focus onto the stealth side of things, with a robust Assassin’s Creed styled execution.

However, where Ghost of Tsushima arguably shines the brightest is perhaps its ability to immerse the players fully into a 13th Century Japan. From the beautiful and serene open fields to brutal battles against the Mongols, the game manages to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of being there during the conflict.

In order to achieve this level of immersiveness though, Ghost of Tsushima has had to tackle the open-world nature of the game differently. So, rather than using traditional quest markers and directions, the game uses a new innovative Wind system that points the players towards their objective.

Ghost of Tsushima

Apart from that, the game also has some subtle touches that make a significant difference to the entire experience. For instance, Haiku spots are incredibly well-crafted and offer a moment of respite and reflection to the players. The game does a lot to take the player out of the game-iness of it all and stay true to its objective.

The photo mode in Ghost of Tsushima is also one of the best we’ve seen so far with some impressive presets and settings available to the player.

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The Best Easter Eggs in Ghost of Tsushima

With such a vast open-world like Ghost of Tsushima, players are bound to stumble upon secrets and hidden items. While a lot of them help with the world-building, there are tons of hidden Easter Eggs in the game as well that pay homage to other games within the PlayStation family.

These Easter Eggs can be really fun to stumble upon and if you’ve been a fan of Sucker Punch games or any other first-party PlayStation games, these will definitely throw you back into nostalgia land. So, here are some of the best Easter Eggs that you can find in Ghost of Tsushima.

1. PlayStation 4 Exclusive Origami Pieces in Ghost:

Usually, by the time you think about hunting for some Easter Eggs in an open-world game, you’ve already finished it. Most open-world games, once finished, throw you back out so that you can continue exploring and also finish side quests and get other collectibles that you may have missed.

This is also the case with the biggest Easter Egg collection in Ghost of Tsushima. Found on a table at Jin’s home after the game is finished, the Easter Egg is a collection of Origami Pieces placed on a table. These pieces represent all the different PlayStation Studios exclusives that we’ve come to love and play.

Ghost of Tsushima Easter Egg

Each individual origami piece represents a developer or game series. Furthermore, since adding futuristic robots or a talking Lombax would have been very jarring in the Ghost of Tsushima world, Sucker Punch has taken an excellent approach to turn all these Easter Eggs into Origami pieces.

You can find these pieces on a low table next to a sword rack and a katana. Here are all the Origami Pieces that you can spot here alongside what they represent.

  1. Tallneck Machine from Horizon Zero Dawn.
  2. Racing car from Gran Turismo Sport.
  3. The head of Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank.
  4. Ellie’s Guitar from The Last of Us 2.
  5. Deacon’s Bike from Days Gone.
  6. The Leviathan Axe from God of War.
  7. A Hideo Kojima Productions logo from Death Stranding.
  8. Gaius from Shadow of The Colossus.
  9. PlayStation London Studio logo for Blood and Truth.
  10. Paintbrush from Concrete Genie.
  11. An imp wearing sunglasses from Dreams.
  12. Baseball and Bat from MLB The Show.
Ghost of Tsushima Origami

2. Sly Cooper Easter Eggs in Ghost of Tsushima:

While the PlayStation 4 first-party Easter eggs in Ghost of Tsushima were cool and would have done plenty to satiate the hunger of a lot of collectible lovers, there was no way Sucker Punch was just going to stop there.

One of the most beloved PlayStation franchises, Sly Cooper was also developed by Sucker Punch and as we all expected, the developer has gone above and beyond to include some very detailed and well-thought-out Easter Egg items.

Crooked Kama Headband

The Crooked Kama headband in Ghost of Tsushima pays homage to the iconic hook-shaped kama of Sly Cooper. It is a subtle yet nostalgic piece of armor that most Sly Cooper fans will love. You can find it hanging on an arrow at the top of the Jogaku temple. You can only go there after Act 3 though.

Sly Tanuki Sword Kit

Another one of the Sly Cooper Easter eggs that you can find in Ghost of Tsushima is the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit. This one is extremely obvious as along with the name, it also looks like a Raccoon’s tail. Not only that, but the sword hilt is also designed to replicate the Sly Cooper colors.

Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper

You can find the it next above a Pillar of Honor on the east coast of Kin in Act 3. The location is in the peninsula and you’ll have to climb up to get there.

Note: If you acquire Gosaku’s Armor by completing the Mythic Tale: The Unbreakable Gosaku, use the Ocean’s Guardian armor dye on it and wear it with the other two Sly Cooper items, you can unlock the Cooper Clan Cosplay trophy.

3. Infamous Easter Egg:

Although there are multiple Sly Cooper Easter eggs in Ghost of Tsushima, the Infamous ones aren’t as abundant. For Infamous, Sucker Punch has decided to only include one easter egg in the game maybe because Second Son isn’t actually that old yet.

Called the Band of the Second Son, the name of the helmet instantly gives away the fact that it is indeed alluding to Deslin’s maroon beanie from Infamous: Second Son. The added tagline “the colors of a warrior from a distant time and place” is a nice touch too.

You can find it hanging from an arrow on top of the pagoda at Omi Monastery. This location opens up during Act 2.

So far, these are the only Easter Eggs that we’ve managed to find in our time playing Ghost of Tsushima. If you’ve stumbled upon any other hints to other franchises, let us know down in the comments below!


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