Getting the annoying iOS 12 beta update notification? Here is how you can fix the issue

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With beta software, what can you expect but bugs? This also happened with the iOS 12 beta, which annoyingly gave users a notification to update their iOS, when there wasn’t any update available.

The issue has been around since a week, and now finally Apple has done something about it. Sure, you can simply dismiss the notification by clicking on Close, but the problem is that the notification arrives again within a minute. Thus, essentially, you are unable to use phone efficiently, as all you are going to do is press down on that Close button until you get tired of it, and simply put it away.

What was worse is that when you actually try updating, there wasn’t any beta update available under the device’s settings. Yes, reboots, both hard and soft were tried but to no avail. Each time the phone was unlocked, you would receive a pesky notification stating you to update your device.

It turns out, people all over the world were getting affected by this issue. It seems like Apple has finally listened to beta tester’s complaint since now you can officially update the beta iOS to a newer version by heading over to the settings.

To do this just go to your iPhone’s  Settings > General > Software Update and a new update should now be available now. Once your device gets updated over the internet to the newer version, you can now put your mind at ease, since you would no longer be annoyed by the meaningless update notifications.

According to reports, this issue was also found on those running the developer beta versions, so if such people also updated to the latest developer beta i.e. 12, it essentially resolves the issue. It should be noted that developer betas are different than public betas which are a more refined version of the former.

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