Why you should get TutuApp VIP instead of TutuApp Regular

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TutuApp VIP is one of the few best ways for your “iDevice” liberation. We all know how tight Apple’s security is; Getting stronger by the day, courtesy its bug bounty program. This has lead to “Jail-Breaking” becoming a thing of the past. For users, who are on an iOS without a jailbreak release, or don’t feel comfy jailbreaking their devices, their best bet is Unofficial App stores, like TutuApp, and especially the TutuApp VIP.

In one of our previous articles, we uncovered much about the TutuApp Regular version and the perks associated with liberating your Apple device in such a way. We found out, that there isn’t much on the web about TutuApp VIP version in particular, and that might be of interest to many. If you are a guy who already knows about the TutuApp (if you don’t, head over to this link), then you would obviously be thinking about the benefits of the paid version of TutuApp (TutuApp VIP) over its regular free version.


As such, we have compiled a simple list, which differentiates between the two version, quite easily

Certification Revocation

If you already are a TutuApp Regular user, you would be definitely finding it cumbersome, finding your certificate getting Revoked or inactivated by Apple, time by time. Then you would have to go the App’s website and install the certificate again, which is time-consuming as well as annoying playing this cat and mouse game with you on one side, and Apple on the other.

The TutuApp VIP offers a simple solution; your certificate won’t ever get revoked. This is even for the case if you update your iOS device.

Number of Games

As is with any paid version of an application, it always features some extra content. Same is the case with TutuApp. The reason why people choose to install TutuApp is that one can install cracked games on their devices without having to pay for them. To your dismay, the TutuApp Regular has games, but not so many as compared to the TutuApp VIP. Therefore, if you are a hardcore smartphone gamer wanting cracked games, you would want to go for TutuApp VIP.


Same is the case with applications. There are more available “cracked” applications to download in the TutuApp VIP version, than the simple TutuApp Regular. Hence, with a small fee associated with the TutuApp VIP, you can get a much larger number of “cracked” games for free.

New App Requests

Another great feature about the TutuApp VIP; in case you are disappointed with your favorite app not available on the TutuApp store, then you can generate a request for that app to be added. In case, it’s approved by the TutuApp management, not only you but the whole TutuApp community shall benefit from it.

On the contrary, if you are a user of its standard TutuApp Regular, then there isn’t much you can do if you can’t find your wanted app. All you can do is just wait, and wish that somewhere a TutuApp VIP user would have submitted a request for that app to be included.

Need for App Reinstallation in case of certificate revocation and TutuApp getting deactivated

With the TutuApp Regular, in case your TutuApp got deactivated, you might have to reinstall all your apps and games you download from its store again. Whereas, with the TutuApp VIP, you are guaranteed that even your App and Game Data will not be lost, in case it accidentally got deactivated. Also, you won’t need to reinstall the Applications either one by one again.


When it comes to the price, a $6.99 price tag of TutuApp VIP seems to be the dealbreaker, while TutuApp Regular is for free. The price tag isn’t that much if you see, it’s the cost of just around 2-3 apps from the Apple Appstore. Think of the number of free stuff you can download from the TutuApp VIP, for just this nominal fee. On the contrary, if you just need to install a single or maybe two cracked application, then TutuApp Regular is the one you should opt for.

If you are a total newbie to TutuApp, we would advise you to first opt for the TutuApp Regular Version. If you are already using it, and like it already, now would be the perfect time to upgrade to the better version; The TutuApp VIP.



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