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Get 3 Months of Game Pass and Xbox Live for $1 now

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We are finally bidding farewell to the miserable Winters and moving into the gratifying and colourful world of Spring. You know how it is, that liberating feeling when you step outside and not everything is frozen to its core. Superfluous details aside, as we are downloading the pleasant season update for the real life game, the games industry is planning a few things as well. Traditionally, Spring is not exactly the most active season for the games industry. It is more like the calm before the storm as everyone prepares for the eventual onslaught of games and news during the summer season.

There aren’t many big games coming out right now apart from Days Gone for the PlayStation 4. Most of the people just want to fast forward to E3 in June where we’ll get the biggest announcements of the year for games. We might also potentially see the next-generation consoles at this year’s E3 adding to the already massive hype for the event. However, this being a slow season does not mean we don’t have good news or games to play. Continuing the tradition of seasonal sales, Microsoft has announced the Xbox Spring Sale for 2019.

Xbox Spring Sale 2019

Xbox Spring Sale has now become a household yearly thing. As with all the sales, some of the deals might not seem that good at first sight but if you dig deep enough, there are some absolute steals to be had in there. The sale generally adds some form of discount to most of the Xbox game library. However, this is not the main attraction of the Spring Sale. Instead, the ‘big event’ for the yearly Xbox Spring Sale is rather the massive discounts that it offers on the subscription services for Xbox (more on that down below). The Xbox Spring Sale starts on April 11th and goes on for a little over a month until the 12th of May. Let’s see what you should be getting in the sale this year.

Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is like Netflix for gaming. However, instead of putting up with latency problems that plague the usual game streaming platforms, you can download and play the games in the library at your leisure. The Game Pass provides the subscribers access to an ever-growing catalogue of games that users can download and enjoy for as long as their subscription lasts. The Game Pass has this extremely value adding quirk that adds all Xbox exclusive games to the Game Pass library on launch day. It also has some of the best third-party games out there in its massive library like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Rocket League, Doom and Just Cause 4.

Xbox Game Pass

How to get the deal?

Under normal circumstances, Game Pass costs $10 per month for old users and $1 for the first month of new subscribers. However, Microsoft has been subsidizing this a lot lately with new deals every few months to drive the user base up. In similar fashion, there is another massive discount on the Game Pass subscription in the Spring Sale as well.

Users can now get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for as little as a single dollar. The deal starts from the 11th of April and runs until the 12th of May. However, you will need to not be an active subscriber to avail this offer. What this means is that if your current subscription is due to expire during the sale, you would be better off turning off the auto-renewal option for your subscription. You can do that by going into your Microsoft account settings and turning off recurring billing under the subscriptions tab.

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Why does Microsoft give away so many deals?

Strangely enough, Microsoft has had a pattern for introducing these sales. Lately, people have been able to save hundreds of dollars on their Game Pass subscriptions just because when the previous one expires, another deal comes up. For example, the last Xbox Game Pass mega deal had it priced at $2 for 2 months as a part of the Valentine’s Day sale. Most of the people who availed that will be running out of subscriptions in the middle of this month and thus, can take the 3 months for $1 deal as well. We don’t know if this is deliberate from Microsoft but we’d certainly like it if the trend continued. My estimate would be that some people just don’t bother looking at deals once they subscribe and just keep recurring billing on. This probably ends in a net gain for Microsoft.

New Games for Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass twitter account is one of the best official accounts for any company on the website. Whoever runs it certainly deserves a raise but with Microsoft giving away all these freebies, they might not have the cash left to do it. Jokes aside, in usual comedic fashion, the official Game Pass account made a tweet today that would delight most people. According to the tweet, 6 more games are being added to Xbox Game Pass on April 10th. This will be a very tempting news to people who weren’t originally intending to subscribe to the service but will now have to think again just because of the value proposition it would add for just $1 for 3 months of Game Pass.

Xbox Live Gold

The Xbox Game Pass is not the only service getting the discounted treatment from Microsoft. Xbox owners can now also pickup an Xbox Live Gold subscription for only a single dollar. Xbox Live Gold is the premium multiplayer service for Xbox players required for online multiplayer. It also adds some value by giving away 4 free games every month with the ‘Games with Gold’ program. This deal, however is only for a single month of Xbox Live Gold subscription. You also need to not have an active subscription for the deal to work. So, if your Gold is expiring between the 11th of April and 12th of May and you have turned off recurring billing, then you should be good to go.

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Xbox Live Free Games

In addition to that, if your Xbox Live Gold subscription is expiring before the 11th of April or you do not currently have a subscription, you can technically get 2 months of Gold for $2. Just grab the $1 Xbox Live Gold deal on the 11th of April i.e. the first day of the sale. As the subscription only lasts for a single month, it would expire on the 11th of May provided that you’ve turned off auto-renewal. Since the sale goes on for another day until the end of 12th of May, you would still have another day to double down on the Xbox Live Gold deal. Just grab the Gold deal again before the sale ends to essentially get 2 months of Gold for 2 dollars. In addition to this, users will also get 1000 Apex Coins for Apex Legends with this deal.

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