GeForce event is only a day away: RTX 2080Ti and RTX 2060 spotted

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We are only a day away from the biggest gaming event of the year to be hosted by Nvidia, for which Nvidia has already increased the hype by first announcing that the event will have a special surprise for the community and after their SIGGRAPH presentation by releasing a teaser video. The teaser specifically hints at the naming convention that they will be using this time around. We talked about the performance boosts and pricing of the alleged RTX 2080 Graphics card the other day, even though the actual release event is the only a day from now the rumors and leaks are not subsiding, rather we have a new set of information today.

RTX 2060 5GB

Starting with the most naïve leak, guys over Wccftech got an eye over the leaked benchmark of the alleged GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics graph over the 3DMark database. The alleged Graphics card scored 15,894 points which beat the record set by the GTX 1070 Graphics card which had a score of 15,721. The reason why this leak seems unreasonable is that the score difference is not huge, a GTX 1070 can score better than what we have seen by careful overclocking. Secondly, 3DMark does not rigorously recognize the Graphics card automatically; the user can change the name using tools such as Photoshop. Lastly, if the benchmark is correct, the size of the VRAM is disturbing Nvidia usually opts for a 3GB or 6GB version, the reason behind using a 5GB module maybe the added benefits of the GDDR6 memory.

Image: Techradar
Image: Techradar

We know that the partner retailers usually have a tendency to leak the specifications of the Graphics cards, we have seen a lot of examples in the past, this time is no different. The hardware from ASUS and MSI has come in the news, and we’ll be focusing on them from now on.

ASUS RTX 2080Ti and 2080

Folks over the videocardz claim that ASUS which is a partner firm of Nvidia is all set to release their STRIX versions of the RTX 2080Ti and RTX 2080. It is pretty much confirmed that Nvidia is going to announce (release too?) the RTX 2080 Graphics card during their GeForce event. The interesting part here is the GeForce RTX 2080Ti graphics card which will allegedly offer a generous 11GB of GDDR6 VRAM. The leaked picture is of the factory OC version of the Graphics card, but the general specifications are going to be same as the Founder’s edition version of the Graphics card.

These include 4,352 CUDA cores clocked at 1350MHz, 11GB of GDDR6 memory having a 352-bit interface which makes the total bandwidth to be 616Gbps which is a huge leap over the 484Gbps bandwidth of the GTX 1080Ti. The power required by the RTX 2080Ti will be 285 Watts, and Nvidia will completely ditch its SLI technology this time in favor of NVLink (the software integration of 2 or more Graphics cards) or virtual link supported by the USB type-C standard. The ASUS STRIX version will have a high performance triple cooler design and the AURA sync to boost the customizable RGB lighting for the high-end rigs.

Image: videocardz
Image: videocardz

The more reasonable leak is the RTX 2080 Graphics card which will have the cut-down specifications of its bigger brother. A total of 2,944 CUDA cores clocked at a base clock speed of 1515MHz, supported by 8GB of GDDR6 memory having a 256-bit interface which will make the total memory bandwidth to be 448Gbps again a huge leap over its predecessor. The power requirement of this card will also be same, but it will use a 6pin plus 8pin power connector compared to the dual 8pin power connector on the 2080Ti. Both these Graphics cards will support up to 8K (7680 x 4620 resolution Digital) display and have the standard PCI express 3.0 BUS. The STRIX version of RTX 2080 however, will be a dual slot card with dual fan design to cool the GPU.


MSI GeForce RTX 2080Ti

Like ASUS MSI also has a tendency to leak its designs more often, again found by videocardz the Graphics card boost the same specifications of the RTX 2080Ti as discussed above, but with MSI’s twist over the shell. The stealthy grey and white colors are there with RGB lighting to enhance the looks of the Graphics card and a triple fan design to cool the GPU. Other than these the traditional MSI mastered overclocking will also be enabled in this version to get better overclocking yields than its counterparts. Lastly, a grey backplate to safeguard the chip can also be seen in the leaks. The rumored compute power of the RTX 2080 is 12TFLOps (F32 compute) while the RTX 2080Ti can hit the 16TFLOP mark in all possibilities, for reference the world’s fastest console XBOX ONE X has 6.1 TFLOPS of computing power.

Image: videocardz
Image: videocardz

Lastly, the rumored pricing can be deceiving but if there is going to be a 2080Ti Graphics card than $649 price of RTX 2080 and $1000 (approximately) price of RTX 2080Ti seems reasonable.

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