Games with Gold: Free games for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users

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Microsoft has just announced the free games Xbox 360 and Xbox One users will be able to download in May, just a week from now. After a pretty solid lineup for April, users can expect another good month as this month’s games includes another huge title up for grabs.

Xbox 360 users will be able to download Streets of Rage (as part of the Sega Vintage collection) in the first half of May. In the second half, Vanquish, an action-packed shooter will be up for grabs as well. The best part about these games is that they’re backward compatible i.e. They’re not limited to just Xbox 360 users. Xbox One users can also download and play these games thanks to the backward compatibility feature, thus effectively making it 4 free games per month instead of two, giving users a much better value for money for their Xbox Live Gold subscription.

As per the format of how Microsoft releases its games with gold every month for Xbox One, the first (most of the time less significant) game will be available from May 1. The game being offered this time around is Super Mega Baseball 2, it can be enjoyable given you like baseball, a freebie is a freebie. The first game will be available from 1st May until the end of the month.

The second game will be available from May 16th until the month ends. The game available in the latter half of May is what makes this month’s games with Gold so special. The game that’s being made free this time is none other than Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The game is the is special for many reasons. Not only is this one of the best Metal Gear Solid games out there, but this is also the last MGS game that the highly popular game creator Hideo Kojima worked on.

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MGS V: The Phantom Pain is a huge game which gives players multiple ways through which they can play the game, not limiting them to just one style of play. Being an open world game certainly helps in making it huge, it also means that there are tons of places for players to discover and explore. You can do a lot in this game, as is the case with many open world games, but that just makes it even better because the more hours one can get out of a game, the more value for money one gets from the game. Given that this game is free right now, there’s nothing to complain about as this game is one of the best games out there on the Xbox One and one definitely worth playing, especially now that its free.

These are the games for May though, April still isn’t over. If you haven’t already, then April’s games with Xbox Live Gold lineup is good as well because it also includes a pretty decent game in its lineup. You can get your hands on the likes of The Witness, Dead Space 2 and Assassins Creed Syndicate. Although Assassins Creed Unity was considered as a disaster by many, Ubisoft really made up for through AC Syndicate. The game features a pretty big map and lets you play with two characters. Set in the 18th Century, it also lets you ride vehicles (horse carriages) which hadn’t been done before in any AC game. The game itself has a good graphics, a decent story and is overall very fun to play. It also has some mini side quests too which you can do even after completing the main story.

Overall, the past two months have been good for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. It would have certainly helped in increasing the number of Gold subscriptions for Xbox. The games for May will be available from 1st May (the first two), the other two will be available after 16th May.

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