Game of Thrones S7: Is the leaked episode 6 a TROLL by HBO?

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What we know so far about the hack hype of Game of Throne is that HBO is facing a tough time these days as the show’s confidential data got stolen by hackers and the scripts of four episodes were leaked.

The news was released from a Reddit source and immediately took the internet by storm. Before people could recover from their fandom frenzy fits, the entire episode 4 “The Spoils of War” of the current season was leaked on the internet and widely and drastically downloaded and streamed by the users.

As it was reported, Hackers claimed that they have got more data on hands and will leak it all one by one if the demanded ransom isn’t given. But HBO seemed to be taking the situation lightly as more leaks of show keep popping up on Internet and turn out to be true.

However, the recent biggest leak of the show that hit the internet wasn’t coming from Hackers but the show’s management itself, when earlier this week, HBO Spain and Nordic accidentally aired the entire episode 6 for an hour and it was out for the world to see, way before its scheduled date.

But what shocked people more wasn’t the leaked 6th episode itself but the fact that it was exactly what was revealed in the leaked script. The Script that was out on the internet late last month and was first considered a hoax and fake. Instead, it turned out to be a total truth and spot-on.

Everything about Game of Thrones S7 E6 as revealed by the leaked script seemed all joke and fun until it actually happened. Jon’s mission at the Eastwatch to hunt down and capture a white walker, Bran’s vision, dany coming to rescue Jon, and the most shocking one, the death of one of the dragons, Viserion and its rise as a wight.

There have been many theories circulating around about the death of Viserion and its transformation into a white walker but who would have thought that the show runners will turn the most common theories into a reality of the show. Or maybe, it was indeed a strong prediction.

But fans took it on nerves and couldn’t deal with the death of Viserion. Right after the episode was leaked, people found it quite disappointing and silly, as per most of the comments we came across with over social media.

Even Khaleesi fans were not happy by her reaction over one of her children death. “We know Emilia is a great actress and she has been very strong with her emotions throughout the season, which is why seeing her cold reaction over Viserion’s death is indigestible. Calling herself mother of dragons but is this how a mother reacts when her child is wounded or worst, dead?” questions one of the fans.

The ending of Episode 6 shows Dany and Jon having a moment of intimacy and shared emotions, taking the show exactly where people shipped it to be. Game of Thrones is showing exactly what people is talking about, so is this really happening or there’s something more to it that we don’t know yet?

Episode 6 looks like a Troll, seriously. The entire episode was simply rushing everything. Jon caught a white walker and then Dany arrived right away to the rescue in a matter of seconds… One of the dragons died too. And how could they possibly not include even a single scene about Cersei and Jaime? Only these few characters played in the episode. So there are many reasons to believe that this leaked tape was actually a troll ” says one of the loyal fans and freaks of the show.

Isn’t it skeptical that HBO ‘accidentally’ aired its top show and let its script leak and circulate around so easily, without having to show any worries and concerns about the situation? There are high chances that it could be a plan to boost the show’s audience and rating higher than it already is.

The leak and hack hype didn’t cause much harm to the show either, it rather turned in the favor of GoT as the show received massive ratings and views all over the globe. So what if the leaked Episode 6 S7 is not what you think it is?

What if it is a surprise by HBO to all its fan; giving them what they asked for? In my personal opinion, I think that HBO is just messing around with its favorite audience and the upcoming episode scheduled to air tomorrow is going to be different than the leaked one, the TROLL one.

If this happens, Game of Thrones will win the television and drama industry.


– This article is writer’s opinion based piece of work.

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