Elden Ring

Game of Thrones Creator’s Fantasy Game Elden Ring Could be the Gold Standard for Modern Gaming

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Just a few hours ago, at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2019 press conference, a fantasy game developed by FromSoftware  was announced. What sets this game apart from others, however, is the fact that behind the game is the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin. This is one of the first instances where such an experienced and well-known writer is involved directly in a video game project. Called Elden Ring, the game dives into a dark fantasy world with twisted themes. Many people have touted it to be a combination between Game of Thrones and God of War and if is actually anything like those two, we’re in for a treat.

Apart from the writing, the gameplay is not going to be any less Impressive either. FromSoftware has a history of developing the best in class games and the developer has been doing it for many years now. Games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Dark Souls and Bloodbourne are proofs of what the critically acclaimed game studio is actually capable of. While Elden Ring did leak before E3, many people were still anticipating what the game actually looked like. You can watch the teaser trailer for Elden Ring down below.

This is not the first time George R.R. Martin has been involved in a video game project, though. He has previously been involved in Game of Thrones video game projects. However, this is the first time that he has had a major hand in writing a story for a game other than Game of Thrones. So, in essence, Elden Ring is going to be a completely new world imagined by George R.R. Martin written specifically for this video game. So, the potential of the story being even better than Game of Thrones (especially the ending) is pretty high.

Fans have been crying out for George R.R. Martin to finish his A Song of Ice and Fire books without any success for a very long time. Most of them say that if the books had been finished, Game of Thrones would not have had such a disappointing conclusion. Elden Ring could be redemption in those terms as fans have been starved of original George R.R. Martin content for such a long time. Elden Ring could be the thing to finally fill that void. Paired with FromSoftware’s development, Elden Ring could probably be one of the best games and experiences ever. The story, gameplay, visuals and everything else is expected to be top notch and this game could usher us into a new era of top writers being involved in video game projects.

Elden Ring has the potential to be the gold standard for video games. It is being published by Bandai Namco and will come out on Xbox One and PC. We do not have a release date yet, though, but the game could be out some time in 2020.

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