Future of Audi A8

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Audi is one of the most advanced and famous car manufacturing company in the world, considered a competitor of BMW and Mercedes, both world-class companies in producing luxury cars. All of these companies are trying to produce new technology based cars that are environment friendly, providing more comfort and luxury.

Audi A8 is a four-door full sized luxury sedan, being produced since 1994, it’s the company’s most luxurious car in the line, compared to Mercedes S class and BMW’s 7 Series. Audi A8 has a long wheelbase, packed with the best technology and comfort. Its 3.0-liter V6 engine which is equal to 333-horse power brings the kind of speed you drive you car in the video game. It is also an eight-speed all-wheel-drive car.

A8 has a very elegant, classic and comfortable interior and seats with lots of options that make this car luxury. This car is the company’s flagship and it costs around $100,000.

Audi A8’s Cabin

The German car manufacturing company revealed how their top of the line A8 will be like in future.

Audi revealed that the future of Audi’s A8 car will be totally advanced and great, with the idea of cabin design instead of conventional seats and fully autonomous concept. Audi is calling A8 concept as “Long Distance Lounge” where the image shows the interior like a cabin of a business class airplane on this long-wheelbase vehicle.

Audi is going to get rid of the traditional front and back seats concept in the future A8 and will have an airplane look a like business class lounge with reclining chairs that are movable and a table. You will be able to have a proper business meeting in your Audi A8 by 2050, the concept Audi A8 is going to be pure-electric or Hydrogen powered, means Audi will get rid of noise and pollution making cars by 2050 and the A8 will also have level-5 autonomous driving. Which means Audi A8 will be able to self-drive while you are having a meeting in your car. There are chances that the future Audi A8 might not even have paddles or steering. The future A8 will have more security and passenger safety features.

The access to the A8’s cabin will be from a single door and the car floor will have self-cleaning wooden floor instead of carpets and mats. The self-cleaning floor will vibrate and the dust on it will be sucked by the on-board vacuum cleaner.

Further more, the car is said to be designed for a countless configuration, the owner will be able to configure the car the way they want, the new cabin seats will be locked in magnetic system rather than the conventional mounting mechanism. There will be screens towards the passengers for providing constant information about the car and your phone will also be synced with the car when you are in it.

This new concept by Audi seems like a dream to me and very futuristic to me and I think it will require a lot of thinking and efforts to make this concept running on the roads one day.


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