A future Black Panther video game a possibility as Marvel writer expresses his interest on social media

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If you haven’t heard of Black Panther, then you don’t live on mother Earth for sure. The movie which is finally now being shown at the theaters has garnered much attention worldwide. Not only is it becoming a major box office hit, but the move has positive reviews, making your two hours totally worth it. As with other Marvel characters, like Spiderman, there have been video games in the past, and it is expected that Black Panther shall follow suit.

With such a widespread critical acclaim, games out there already had started wishing for such a video game to be in development. Now, it seems their wish could finally be granted. This is because, Evan Narcisse, who happened to write the Rise of The Black Panther along with other Marvel movies, expressed his interest in a future Blank Panther video game if possible. He could very well be a part of the video game storyline since he is closely associated with the Marvel character already. He took to the social media to depict his interest in this:

          “Y’all know where to find me when you wanna get cracking on that Black Panther video game…”

— Evan Narcisse (@EvNarc) February 16, 2018


To this, the fans were clearly amused and went a step ahead and responded to this.

The Elder Scrolls: Wakanda

— bringing my baby to a theater near you (@fivefifths) February 16, 2018


Dang. I’d love to make that. If you ever have a license but not a developer, let me know!

                Ryan Treadwell (@Ryan_Treadwell) February 16, 2018


I just tried to long press favoriting to this tweet, which apparently is functionality I didn’t know I wanted until now… Consider it super favorited

                — Josh Boykin (@Wallstormer) February 16, 2018


after seeing the movie tonight, that’s all I thought about! please do this! you’re a genius sir 👏🏾

                Jay (@iAMDRUMz) February 17, 2018

                I had a dream of an Assassin’s Creed style open world Black Panther game last night. it was EPIC.

But even bigger, because The King of The Dead doesn’t need an animus to gain the knowledge

of his ancestors.

— I am a Jake. (@jdbadluck) February 16, 2018


watching a second time, I saw precise opportunities for a scrolling 2D brawler in the mold of the

4-player X-Men beat-em-up.

— Moisés Chiullán (@moiseschiu) February 16, 2018


“I used to be a colonizer like you until I caught an arrow in the knee…”

— Evan Narcisse (@EvNarc) February 16, 2018

Its quite apparent now, that it is not just us rooting for this video game to appear in the markets. Yes, in some video games, this character has been explored but for just a brief period of time. We are sure that the fans wish to see not just a little more of him but rather a whole video game dedicated to the character. Now it is up to the developers if they feel right to base the gameplay on some kind of a story or just an open world scenario. If they opt for a storyline, then sure, the Marvel writer has a greater chance of being a part of the movie.


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