Fujitsu Lifebook U938, an expensive yet extremely portable laptop with stylish looks

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Perhaps, you wouldn’t have heard about Fujitsu and that it does have a laptop line, but nevertheless, there are some recent 8th generation laptops from the company which certainly can’t go unnoticeable, notably the Fujitsu Lifebook U938

It is mainly because the laptop combines power and portability to cater to everyone. With a 13.3 inch display, topped by an excellent processor into a durable chassis, it takes quite a challenge.


The laptop weighs just 920g i.e 2 pounds. There surely aren’t many laptops out there which weigh less than a kilo even. Even Acer and other Acer Chromebooks tend to be heavier than this. The bezel size is quite restricted, allowing for more screen size in a smaller frame. Thus the laptop measures just 12 inches wide. When closed the laptop measures just 0.6 inches in thickness, (or rather thinness).


Being so slim does mean that laptop loses out on some ports. Still, there is a full-size HDMI out, two normal USB Type-A ports, a single USB Type-C with power delivery, a Smart Card slot, audio jack and a Gigabit LAN port. This is surely more than enough for average users. There is also a SIM-Card slot too, but that is only included in a specific model, which the user can opt for if it suits their need. The slot is fully capable of a 4G LTE connection.

On the contrary, we might have expected from Fujitsu to ditch the dedicated power jack altogether since the laptop could have been charged through a Type-C Connection as well.

Keyboard and TouchPad

Perhaps the major selling point of the laptop would be its keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard has a short travel thus making it easier to type at faster speeds when you get used to it. The Fujitsu Lifebook U938 also has a palm vein sensor which utilizes the PalmSecure technology for super-secure, contactless biometric authentication. This palm vein sensor is present just to the left of the touchpad.

The Touchpad is also quite spacious and offers smooth scrolling.


Most portable laptops don’t really house a good display, but surprisingly this one dumbstruck us with its amazing display. We found the sRGB gamut percentage at 97 percent to be quite higher than the usual laptop displays of this segment. Moreover, the display is largely bright and has vibrant colors too.

Furthermore, courtesy the touch-screen display, you can easily interact with the laptop using your fingers.


Another great thing about the Fujitsu Lifebook U938 is its battery life courtesy a 4-cell, 50Wh (3490 mAh) battery. According to Fujitsu’s brochure, the laptop is meant through an entire work-day. Considering that the laptop houses some heavy specs, a battery life of more than 7 and a half hours, is quite a feat.

Configurations and Prices

The model which we reviewed is priced at $2,450 (£1,798 without VAT). There isn’t much difference in models across the UK and the US except that the latter has a typical fingerprint sensor instead of the palm vein sensor. In this price, you are getting an Intel Core i5-8350U quad-core 1.7GHz with Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620. Furthermore, with an 8GB DDR4 RAM (2133MHz) and a 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD, the laptop seems to be ideal for productivity tools.

The laptop recorded a pass mark of 2986.6 on Benchmarks.

Our Verdict

It is true that the laptop is extremely portable with its super-low weight and also powerful at the same time. Yet, the rich screen colors along with these, don’t still justify the high price point. There are much better laptops in the same price tag.

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