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Four New Games for Nintendo Switch eShop

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Developed by Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch is the seventh console of its kind from its developers. It is a home video game console, codename NX, and was made available worldwide in March this year.

The Nintendo Switch is basically a home console that can be connected to your television but can be used as a tablet computer as well. The Joy-Con wireless controllers that come with the console are used to play the games. They can be connected to a Grip accessory to form a gamepad, used like a remote or can be attached to the console to form handhelds.

Nintendo Switch provides its users the luxury of playing games online. So the games are not just available in physical form but can be played using a standard internet connection. Its main competitors on the gaming market are Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 as of this year.

Before its official launch worldwide, Nintendo had announced about 100 game titles from various third-party developers for the new Nintendo Switch. Some of these game titles included Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI, Sonic Forces, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Switch did not come with any pre-loaded games though. This was done to keep the price low and to let players choose whichever games they wanted to play on the console. Adding games would have increased the price of the console. Nintendo had announced earlier that games will be made available to players in a steady flow so that new titles keep on coming regularly in order to encourage active use of the system. It also maintains a buzz and is good for sales promotion.

Keeping in line with this vision, a new batch of games is released every now and then. Four more games have been added recently to Nintendo Switch’s game library. New games include Jackbox Party Pack and Jackbox Party Pack 2. These compilations further contain games such as Quiplash, Fibbage XL, You Don’t Know Jack etc. The above two compilations of party games cost $25 each.

An exciting new title was also made available on the library. It is an aerial action game by the name of Sky Ride. As the title suggests, the game is packed with loads of action, thrill, and a high-speed bike to get your adrenal rushing. This title is available for $7 and is bound to be a winner. Get ready to delve into a stimulating world of speed, thrill and battling enemies with this new title.

Keeping up with the usual business, an ACA Neo Geo title is also made available to players. The title is Magician Lord and is available for $8. It takes you on a fantasy world with a magician who saves the world. The magician Elaton has to defeat Gal-Agiese, a villain who is out to destroy the world. Players have to direct Elaton through a series of events in order to save the world.

Apart from these new titles, Troll and I and Sonic Mania are also available now on the game library. Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure is something to look forward to later this month. It will include 5 episodes of season 1 along with 3 episodes from Minecraft’s Adventure Pass.

Believing Nintendo’s intent to release new games regularly, stay tuned for many exciting titles to follow in the coming months.

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