Fortnite’s week 4 challengers are live – Here’s how to complete them

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This week, Fortnite players receive a new set of challenges as part of the new Season 4. Week 4 challenges are now live on Xbox One, Ps4, PC and mobile devices. As far as the difficulty is concerned, they’re not that hard this time around, only a few might be hard but the rest is pretty straightforward.

Fortnite’s ‘season’ system makes sure the game doesn’t become stale, a problem which many online games face. Each season offers brand new things, weapons, skins etc. Therefore, players always have a reason to come back for more. Fortnite adds to this by offering weekly challenges in every season. These challenges can be as easy as getting a few kills or as complicated as finding treasures in different areas. The challenges make the game more fun and rewarding and players usually receive good rewards for their efforts. Here’s how you can complete this week’s challenges and get good rewards.

The basics

As per usual, each week brings seven new challenges to the game which give you Battle Stars upon completion. The number of Battle Stars you get per challenge depends on the difficulty, hard challenges will give you more as compared to the easier ones. You have until the end of the season to complete the challenges, but this time around, Epic Games has added a new twist.

If players are able to complete a week’s challenges within the week, then their next loading screen will point to the location of a free Battle Pass tier, so there’s that extra incentive to complete all the challenges as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t able to complete them fast enough, you still have until the end of the season to do so, which will still net you decent rewards.

The challenges

This week’s challenges aren’t that hard and are straightforward. The easiest challenge you’ll face this week is to deal damage with Assault Rifles. So, just find the right gun that suits you and get to it. This challenge is the type of challenge that also depends on luck as well as skill, you might need only one game or several to complete this, but it’s easy nonetheless.

Most of these challenges are more dependent on luck rather than skill, but once given enough time, you’ll be done with them. There are two more challenges that simply require you to visit the center of three Storm Circles in a single match, so it’s best to stick to survival tactics for this one. Similarly, another challenge requires players to search for seven Ammo boxes in a single match, time-consuming, but straightforward.

The third challenge is to search for seven chests in Wailing Woods. This would’ve been hard if the requirement was to find seven in a single match, but this challenge doesn’t have that requirement. However, given that these challenges have just gone live, it’s advised to play carefully as the area will be crowded with players right now trying to complete the challenge.

Moving on to the more harder challenges, there is one that doesn’t give much information, only clues. The challenge says: “search between a bench, Ice Cream Truck, and Helicopter. Now the tricky part here is that there are a lot of benches and Ice Cream trucks spread out across the map, therefore the task becomes instantly harder. However, since it says that all three i.e. the bench, the truck and the helicopter should be nearby, looking for a helicopter will greatly narrow down your search.

Using the above map, navigate to Moisty Mire, head towards the movie set in this area. Head to this location and you’ll find a Battle Star waiting for you.

The next two challenges are labeled hard and rightly so: the first one requires you to kill an opponent using a trap and the second one requires you to kill three opponents in Snobby Shores. The first one might be really hard to pull off, so your best bet is to play solo (no team matches) and hide in an area where a lot of players usually come. The Solo playlist comes in handy because players can’t revive each other, unlike team matches where you haven’t killed someone until you shoot them down again before they get a chance to be revived.

These are all the challenges for this week and while most of them are pretty straightforward, no tricky puzzles, some of them aren’t that easy to complete. Therefore, it’s only fitting that the hard ones reward players with 10 Battle Stars. These Battle Stars help rank up your Battle Pass which helps in unlocking new skins and cosmetics.

Don’t forget, you unlock a new tier to your Battle Pass if you complete all the challenges for a week within the week of their release. Most of the challenges for this week will depend heavily on luck and the time you invest in attempting them, so it’s just a matter of persistence. Good Luck!

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