Fortnite Week 9 challenges are now live

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The new update for Fortnite is now live which features the newest set of challenges for Battle Pass holders in the Battle Royale game mode for the game. The challenges are now available for all players on all platforms of the game and as with any set of challenges, there are some easy ones as well as some really hard ones.

It’s pretty much safe to say that Fortnite is the most popular online game right now as the Battle Royale game mode has taken the world by storm. Introduced by PUBG, the Battle Royale game mode soon became popular and was picked up by many other games. Although Fortnite is a bit similar to PUBG, it’s different as well, offering players a fun, unique experience which no other game can offer. Moreover, Fortnite is completely free to play, it does not even require an online subscription on consoles in order to play online.

Fortnite is not only confined to just Battle Royale either, which is why it’s so popular. It has other game modes such as team battles and the game also constantly receives updates so that it doesn’t get stale. Online games can get stale pretty fast and the developers so far are doing what they can to ensure their players always have something to do. That’s where weekly challenges come in. Weekly challenges that offer in-game rewards are a great way to keep players hooked to the game by offering new challenges every week instead of recycling them every other week.

Week 9 of the challenges is now live for all Battle Pass owners (you can buy it from within Fortnite for the game’s own currency). There are about seven new challenges that players can complete this week, some of them are easy, some of them are slightly trickier. Completing each challenge gets you 5 Battle stars. The easiest challenge out of all of them is perhaps the one where you’re required to deal a certain amount of damage to opponent structures.

One of the more trickier challenges would be to visit three Taco shops. Although that may sound pretty simple, however, this needs to be done in a single match, which can become pretty hard to do given there are a total of 99 other people trying to kill you. It shouldn’t be too hard though because there are a total of five Taco shops in close proximity to the western portion of the map, so if played smart, you can easily complete the challenge. Another challenge is to search for chests in Haunted Hills (around seven).

There are some really hard challenges out there too. For example, one challenge requires you to kill four players with a shotgun, which may not be hard for experienced players but regular players may find it hard because you need to get up close to your opponents in order to get shotgun kills which is not a good idea most of the time. Another challenge is to eliminate three players during a lucky landing. Given these two challenges are slightly harder than the average ‘hard’ challenge, you’ll get 10 battle stars each for these two.

Although not hard, this challenge can be time-consuming: you need to build 250 structures which will reward you with 5 battle stars. Perhaps the hardest one is to follow the treasure map in Misty Mire. The map can be found in the largest building at the center of the area and you need to follow where it leads you (telling here would spoil the fun!). This will also net you 10 battle stars given its much harder than it looks (remember: everyone else will also be trying this).

Only people with access to the season 3 Battle Pass have access to these challenges. Those who have access have until the end of the season to complete the challenges which will help in leveling up your Battle Pass more quickly. Leveling up your Battle Pass can earn you Season 3 skins and rewards so trying to complete these challenges is definitely worth it. Good luck!

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