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Fortnite Week 3 Season 9 Challenge Guide: Driftboard Tricks and Secret Battle Star Location

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We’re into Week 3 of Season 9 which brings new challenges as part of the 9.10 update for Fortnite. Week 3 challenges are now live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Android and iOS. The new challenges for week 3 are probably the simplest ones we’ve had so far in Season 9. Most of them include things that you can do without really having to solve clues. There are no hidden location challenges this week either. If you’re new to Fortnite challenges, here’s the lowdown: Fortnite gets new challenges every week that you can complete to earn Battle Stars. The Battle Stars in turn are used to level up your Battle Pass. Each time you level up, you get some new loot in the form of an emote or a cosmetic item.

The challenges of every week are divided into two classes, Free and Premium. The free challenges can be accessed and completed by everyone playing the game. However, in order to do premium challenges, you need to have spent some V-Bucks to buy a premium pass. Premium pass players can thus complete additional challenges to get more Battle Stars. There is also a third secret challenge every week that you unlock after you complete the previous challenges for the week. This challenge can have a secret Battle Star, a secret Banner or a secret Fortbyte as a reward. The challenges for this week include players having to visit certain locations, playing with a Flying Disc Toy, dealing some damage and completing tricks on a Driftboard.

Season 9 Week 3 Challenge List

Here is the full list of challenges and their rewards for Week 3 of Season 9.

Fortnite Week 3


  • Stage 1: Land a trick with a Driftboard. This is worth 2 Battle Stars.
  • Search 7 chests at Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak. This is worth 5 Battle Stars.
  • Deal 200 damage to an opponent within 10 seconds after using a Slipstream. This will get you 10 Battle Stars.


  • Stage 1: Visit Happy Hamlet and Shifty Shafts in a single match twice. This is worth 1 Battle Star.
  • Throw the Flying Disc toy and catch it before it lands. This is worth 5 Battle Stars.
  • Get 3 Explosive weapon eliminations. This will get you a whopping 10 Battle Stars.
  • Deal damage with different weapons in a single match five times. This is worth 10 Battle Stars.

Week 3 Secret Battle Star Location (Utopia Challenge)

Once you’ve managed to complete all seven challenges for this week, a new secret challenge will open up. This is a part of the Utopia Challenge of Season 9. If you finish the Week 3 Utopia Challenge, you’ll get a secret additional Battle Star as a reward. The challenges for this week have been relatively simple and anyone could do them without much effort. So, here’s an opportunity to earn an extra Battle Star to level up your Battle Pass. After you’ve finished the challenges for all of the previous weeks and this week, you’ll unlock a special loading screen. Usually, these loading screens have hidden clues in them that players have to decipher to find the hidden Battle Star. These can be coordinates, location hints or even some text.

Week 3 Secret Battle Star
Image: GameSpot

This week’s special loading screen has a bunch of puppies sitting on a concrete wall. If you look closely at the writing on the concrete wall, you’ll be able to see a Battle Star drawn on it above the cars. So, in order to get to the secret Battle Star, you need to go to a place where there is a pile of cars. If you still cannot figure it out, the location is Junk Junction where you’ll be able to find this pile of cars. Junk Junction is located at the top left corner of the map. We’ve marked the location for you in the map down below. Climb on top of the cars to get to the Battle Star. Grab it just like any other item and when you finish the game, your Battle Pass will level up.

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Fortnite Update 9.10

The week 3 is a part of the Fortnite update 9.10. This update brings a new limited time creative mode to the game called Downtown Drop LTM by Jordan. This is a part of the Jordan branded content for the game. You can do jumps and grind on the city streets and collect coins. Even the challenges for this week will require you to play the Downtown Drop LTM.

The update also comes with a couple of special Jordan cosmetic items, Grind and Clutch. However, you’ll have to dish out some cash and buy them as they cannot be unlocked. You can read the full patch notes for update 9.10 right here.


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