Flaming Hoops Fortnite

Fortnite Week 10 Season 8 Challenge Guide: Flaming Hoops, Junk Junction Treasure Map and Secret Banner

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Season 8 of Fortnite is about to end soon as we’ve entered into Week 10. This week brings the same new challenges and Battle Stars that we all love Fortnite for. If you don’t know the gist of it, each week has multiple challenges that help you earn Battle Stars. These Battle Stars can be used to level up your Battle Pass and earn cool new costumes and other cosmetic items. Each week has two sets of challenges and a bonus challenge. The first set of challenges is open for all the players to complete while the second one is only limited to premium Battle Pass players. Completing all the challenges will unlock a special bonus discovery challenge which you can do to get an extra Battle Star or Banner.

Challenges for Week 10 of Season 8 are pretty straightforward with tasks like harvesting materials or eliminating opponents. However, there are still a couple of challenges that require vast knowledge of the map or extra time and effort. For example, launching through flaming hoops with a cannon can be tricky as you’d first have to find those. Finding the treasure map signpost can be slightly challenging as well. The discovery challenge this week gets you a secret banner, unlike last week.

Season 8 Week 10 Challenge List

Week 10 Fortnite

Free Challenges

  • Launch through 3 flaming hoops with a cannon. This is worth 5 Battle Stars.
  • Stage 1: Harvest 500 Wood in a single match. This gives 2 Battle Stars.
    • Harvest 400 Stone in a single match
    • Harvest 300 metal in a single match
  • Eliminate 3 opponents at Tilted Towers or The Block. You can earn 10 Battle Stars by completing this.

Premium Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal 500 damage with an Infantry Rifle or Heavy Assault Rifle. This will earn you 5 Battle Stars.
  • Stage 1: Search the treasure map signpost found in Junk Junction. This is worth 2 Battle Stars.
    • Follow the treasure map signpost in Junk Junction
  • Deal 100 damage within 10s of landing after using a Volcano Vent. This gives you 10 Battle Stars.
  • Eliminate 2 opponents from closer than 5m away. This is worth 10 Battle Stars.

Launch through Flaming Hoops Challenge

One of the trickier challenges this week requires you to launch yourself with a cannon through 3 different flaming hoops scattered around the map. The cannons in question here are the pirate cannons. You can find each of the cannons in Lazy Lagoon, Salty Springs and near the big volcano. We’ve marked the locations for you on a map so you could easily navigate to the cannons.

Flaming Hoops Fortnite
Credits: GameSpot

For the hoop in Lazy Lagoon, you’ll need to get into the cannon that is facing the pirate ship as the hoop is above it. Aim around the peak of the volcano as the hoop is quite far away to pass through it.
The Salty Springs hoop requires you to destroy the wooden wall between the cannon and the hoop. After doing that, just aim slightly higher than the hoop to go through it.
The Giant Volcano hoop can be accessed via the pirate camp nearby. Just get into the cannon in the pirate camp and shoot slightly higher than the hoop to get through.

Junk Junction Treasure Map Challenge

The second difficult challenge for this week requires you to find the treasure map for a Battle Star. In order to do this, go to Junk Junction where you’ll find the treasure map on a signpost. The signpost itself is in front of a shipping container. The map will basically tell you to go to F8 near the Fatal Fields. Go there to claim your very special Battle Star!

Junk Junction Treasure Map
Credits: GameSpot

Week 10 Secret Banner Location (Season 8 Discover Challenge)

After you’ve finished all of the 10 weeks of challenges of Season 8, you’ll unlock the lock screen for the discovery challenge. This week’s challenge rewards you with a secret banner which you can use as a profile icon. The loading screen for this week hints at an alien lake under Loot Lake which probably has some part in the Season 9 as week. Looking closer at the loading screen will reveal the location of the secret banner. It is near the north-western edge of the hole. You do need to have finished all of the previous challenges otherwise the banner won’t appear in the game for you. Just go to the area and claim your secret banner!

week 10 banner
Credits: GameSpot

The week 10 of challenges came as a part of the final Season 8 update, version 8.51. This included a special item called the Shadow Bomb which allows players to go invisible and sneak through the enemies for additional stealth advantage. You can see the patch notes for 8.51 here. Meanwhile, The Avengers Endgame event is still going on and you still have a bit of time to get all the rewards for it. If you still haven’t finished last week’s challenges, you can see our guide for them here.

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