Fortnite warns its players against sign-up and iOS/Android Download scams

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Fortnite is currently without a doubt, a center of attraction for every gamer out there. Trying to exploit the gamers, the scammers have also joined in the party with their very own tricks. Epic, the company behind Fortnite has jumped to the rescue and have officially warned its mobile users about possible scam attempts through false download links.

Fortnite took to Twitter to express their concerns, and they are right by doing so. It is their reputation at stake. People, mostly scammers are trying to portray themselves as either Epic, or Fortnite’s management team, and luring people into downloading apps which could be harmful or a further attempt at a scam.

The Twitter tweet explicitly stated that the developers are yet to send out any download codes to those who had signed up for the first time to play the mobile version of the game. Instead, people were sending fake download codes to entice innocent people to get their very own software.

According to Fortnite’s Official Twitter Post:

“We have not sent out any mobile invites yet. Please be aware of false mobile download links. Our official URLs are  and

This isn’t the first time that the management behind Fortnite did the courtesy of warning its users. They have done so in the past as well, when there were once again scammers, trying to offer free “V-bucks” which is the in-game currency used to purchase items and stuff. Since v-bucks cost real-world cash, this free offer to get v-bucks could very easily get people to download the wrong app or software.

People even resorted to social media to scam other people. They say that they are offering free v-bucks, which isn’t possible since the in-game currency needs to be bought and there is no other around either. This is just the start when people were kind of hesitant that whether actual codes were sent by the Fortnite team or not. When the Fortnite does start to send their codes, the real problem shall start then, since that would mean, the one not careful enough to see if the code came from an authentic source could very easily fall into the trap laid out for them.

Therefore, it is better to avoid anything unless it has been made official through Fortnite’s very own Twitter account. With that said, if you haven’t signed up by now, you should surely do so, as the number of people opting for the game is growing exponentially, and it would become even more difficult to get an invite code later on.

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