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Fortnite – Top 5 Items and Weapons to look for in Season 5

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Say what you want, but let’s face it: Fortnite is here to stay. The massively successful Battle Royal shooter has become one of the most popular games of all time, even in 2021. Owing to the game’s availability on virtually every platform but iOS, the free-to-play title is now iconic. Does it have entirely original ideas or a completely unique concept? No. But does it pack a staggering amount of fun, as well as constant developer support? Of course! Fortnite is a game with so much content that some of it may not even end up in the hands of the average player.

You see, Epic Games possesses the time, resources, and funding to add as much intricacy to their game as they please. Fortnite features regular additions of content, including maps, weapons, and cosmetics. The wise decision to keep the player base invested in meaningful expansions means that every player gets to witness frequent events and crossovers. Last year even saw the introduction of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, from Iron Man to Hulk, and even a virtual Travis Scott concert. Now, however, it’s time to focus on the content the developers did manage to hide away.

That’s right, gamers. One of the most well-known titles of this age sports several secret items, cosmetic or otherwise, hidden well. No matter how many countless hours players sink into the game’s multiplayer matches, there is always content tucked away somewhere. A typical Fortnite map, built into the base game, comprises a large overworld, complete with construction capabilities. Can’t seem to find cover in your open area of the map? Simply build your own cover, the way the game has grown famous for. But what if you wanted to find one specific, extremely rare item in the vast expanse?

Several players set up bounties for rare items, offering real money and organizing hunts

Recently, a player online made headlines for their $500 bounty on a particular item. This hype for rare pieces of clothing, weapon parts, health kits, and other useful perks is only eclipsed by the hunt on purely aesthetic grounds. Now that Fortnite Season 5 is here, anything the developers put into the game, no matter how trifling it seems, can become the bone of contest. Knowing this, more than a few items have spawn rates numbering into the one-in-a-millions.

Luckily, you too can use this guide to obtain these ultra-rare and prestigious items. Just remember to keep your eye on the ball, and know that it almost certainly will take several tries. However, if you pull it off right, or just get plain lucky, then you could obtain some of the most valuable pieces in the game. Let’s take a look at the rarest items players should stay on the lookout for in Fortnite Season 5.

1) Mythic Fish

It sounds like a silly name, but the item is just so legendary in itself. Recently, user data mining revealed that Mythic Fish have only a one in a million chance of spawning into matches. That means the odds of even seeing one in water bodies is extraordinarily low. What many enterprising players who chance to come across this item do is actually quite shocking. The Mythic Fish isn’t simply a decorative Easter egg. No, it can function during battle as the most powerful weapon in the game!

image: pcgamer

Simply grabbing this item grants a 200 point buff to any shots fired by the player. That is, impressively, enough to penetrate a fully charged shield and kill any player. If your enemy somehow gets lucky enough to harness the Mythic Fish, call it a divine miracle.

2) The golden SCAR assault rifle

Like almost every other shooter out there, Fortnite Season 5 also has its universally-loved weapon of choice. Like the Hellreigel in Battlefield 1, the SCAR in Fortnite is considered the most powerful gun in the current meta. While other similar choices also boast good damage, it is the unique balance of damage, reload and recoil stats that favor this weapon.

However, the gun itself isn’t uncommon. Certainly makes for a powerful weapon, but not rare by any standards. No, the real hidden gem is the Gold Skin for the SCAR. Available exclusively to the Battle Pass, this gun will make sure your enemies think twice before tangling with you.

image: drift0r

3) Rare Chest

This loot package only has a 2.6% chance of spawning, and that’s only in Save The World mode. As a game mode that isn’t nearly as popular as the default Battle Royale, a hidden item here is even less commonly seen. The chest typically contains high-level loot and an Epic/Legendary weapon. The fact that these useful pieces of gear can make or break a potential victory is just icing on the cake.

The chest itself seems to almost beckon players to encounter it. An audible, faintly ringing sort of sound plays when you walk near it. That should grab your attention even in the middle of a gunfight. The subtle, golden aura also helps set this chest apart from the more standard ones.

4) The Dragon’s Breath

A variant of the Storm Scout sniper rifle, the Dragon’s Breath is hands-down one of the coolest weapons we’ve seen in Fortnite Season 5. The sleek build and prominent scout scope appear identical to Lexa’s rifle, but what differs is the skin. The former, if players from previous months recall, is purple, with a green-ish lens hue. This rifle, on the other hand, is technically an exotic type of Storm Rifle. Getting it takes luck, and learning to use it effectively across all ranges is a skill in itself.

5) The Grey Charge Shotgun

Currently capped as a Vaulted weapon, this rare NPC drop was popularized recently by Fortnite professional SypherPK. Apparently, the weapon was so powerful that he was able to pull of eight eliminations and win the match using it. It might lag behind the stopping power of other charge shotguns in the game, but the balanced recoil and fire rate make it a powerful firearm. It sure will benefit from the high-profile name endorsing it, just adding to the fame.

For more on Fortnite, gaming, and tips, stay tuned!

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