Fortnite Season 5: Risky Reels Treasure Map guide

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After a brief dry spell, the highly anticipated Season 5 for the highly popular Fortnite was finally released on 12th July. The new season brought tons of changes to the game by adding lots of new things including new maps and vehicles which was a big step for the game.

The game’s seasonal content system also brings new content with each system alongside new challenges and rewards for players. However, this time around Epic has changed it up a bit by making some challenges exclusive to Battle Pass owners while making some free for everyone. This helps non-owners get rewards too without forcing them to purchase the pass.

As far as this week’s set of challenges are concerned, the harder ones are mostly the Battle Pass ones. One of these challenges was to collect seven Lightning Bolts, the guide for which you can find here. Another tricky challenge is to find a treasure map in Risky Reels and then follow the path it guides you to. It can be really hard just looking for the map and then even harder following it not only because Fortnite’s map is huge but also because there are 99 other players out there looking to kill you.

Two ways to approach the challenge

There are two ways to approach this challenge, you can either find the treasure chest first, and follow the directions, or you can just go to where the treasure is provided you know where it actually is. You can find the treasure itself south of Tomato town, but if you want to find the map first, then head over to Risky Reels. You’ll find the map a bit south of the actual location in an area where the map will be pinned to a wall. Here’s a picture to give a better idea of how it’ll look like:

Image: Gamespot

You can also get the exact location by looking on the minimap in the above image, it gives you an idea of where you should be looking for this treasure map. Once you have the treasure map, you need to go to where it tells you to. However, just by looking at it you might not be able to tell where it’s telling you to go. Refer to the map below to get the location:

Image: Gamespot

According to this image, you’ll need to head south of Tomato Town. What you’re looking for is the tunnel which is indicated on the map. You’ll then need to climb on the northern entrance, through any means, just build your way up there and you’ll see a Battle Pass icon which is your “treasure”. It should look something like this:

Image: Gamespot

Completing the challenge gets you 10 Battle Stars which help you rank up your Battle Pass which in turn will earn you some sweet new skins, emotes and cosmetics. This all seems easy but keep in mind, this is the first week where everyone will be trying to complete this challenge. In the season 5 update, Epic has changed the challenges system by making it possible to complete your challenge anytime you want instead of giving you time till the end of the season to complete it.

This means that you can complete all the challenges you like at your pace, so it might not be a bad idea to not attempt this challenge at all if you’re not a skilled player. Since a lot of people will be after this challenge, if your skill level is not on par with others, your attempts will be in vain, so it’s better to wait a week so that once everyone’s completed the challenge, you can easily go to the locations and pick up your 10 Battle Stars.

Most of the other challenges, mostly free challenges (which are 4 out of the total 7) are pretty straightforward in terms of what you need to do to complete them. However, they can be really annoying and hard to complete given your skill level. The free challenges mostly consist of getting kills with certain weapons, getting kills in certain areas etc.

The Battle Pass challenges are the tricker ones, such as the one discussed in this guide. The Lightning Bolt one is also tricky because you need to build towards them because they’re floating in the air, therefore, having enough materials is really crucial for this challenge. There’s another challenge where you need to collect 7 chests in Snobby shores, which will probably take a long time since it’ll be a highly crowded area these days.

The season 5 update has brought a lot of changes to the game and it’s also reflected in the new challenges. However, there is concern among some players that the tricker or “good” challenges are being given to the Battle Pass owners, but since it’s the first week, nothing can be said with certainty. Only time will tell as the rest of the season unfolds how Epic has structured the challenges for Battle Pass and non-pass owners.


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