Fortnite Season 5: Release date and Expectations

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Season 4 for Fortnite is underway as players grind towards getting their Battle Pass rewards but even though it’s only been a month since season 4’s been out, people are already speculating over when Season 5 is going to arrive. Season 5 may arrive as soon as season 4 ends, but whatever the case may be, expect a big Battle Pass update for the next season.

Fortnite‘s ‘season’ system has become increasingly popular alongside the game’s own popularity. Each season brings a ton of new thing to the game, keeping it fresh and exciting, therefore giving players a reason to keep playing. Although Fortnite would’ve still remained popular due to it being a really fun Battle Royale experience, the different seasons have helped the game to grow tremendously.

As Fortnite became bigger and bigger, so did the seasons. Each season brings tons of new cosmetics, emotes, skins and much more than players can grind towards. Every season, there are new weekly and daily challenges too that have their own set of rewards. Moreover, each season lasts for a few months because there’s a ton of stuff to unlock for your Battle Pass. Season 4 brought a lot of changes as it changed the landscape of the game altogether. There were some major changes to the map, for example, Dusty Depot had become Dusty Divot.

The map changed drastically when the comet eventually hit the surface. The comet also brought a lot of cool stuff with it, for example, if you go to a crater, you can pick up a consumable that’ll significantly boost your jump for a short period of time. Season 4 is still underway since it was only a month ago when the season started.

When does Season 4 end?

However, if you’re one of those who can’t wait to see what Epic Games does next, then you can check when Season 4 ends. There’s a countdown on the Fortnite Battle Pass which shows how much time’s left until the end of the season. There’s still a lot of time left until the end of Season 4 since it only started a few weeks back. Fortnite seasons usually last for a few months because there’s a lot of content to go through and unlock with every season.

According to the countdown, Season 4 is set to end on July 9th, 2018. However, this is just the tentative date, there could be delays for any reason. This has happened in the past that the season end was delayed due to some reason by a day or so, such was the case with the ending of Season 2. Delays can happen due to glitches, unavailability of servers or even the developers wanting to let players get more rewards, they can happen due to any reason. Given how big Season 4 has been, a delay shouldn’t be ruled out.

What should we expect in Season 5?

Although there’s no official word as to what the next Battle Pass update will be about, there are a couple of theories that suggest what’s next for the Battle Royale game. The story around season 4 was space-themed, that a meteor was responsible for reshaping the map. Many fans predicted that the meteor would hit Tilted Towers but Dusty Depot was struck with the meteorite instead. However, the core aspect of the prediction was true.

There are many believable fan theories out there, one of which is that the meteor that struck Dusty Depot could have brought something with it. This theory uses the clues given by a tease that fans were given during the road to Season 4 that there would be a superhero theme in the coming seasons. Something coming with the meteorite could very well kickstart the new superhero-themed season as there could be an alien “superhero” that may have dropped down with the meteorite.

If you go to Dusty Divot, you’ll realize that the meteor is inside a white tent with a lot of technology around it. There’s also speculation that instead of a superhero, the meteorite could have brought a Dinosaur or Godzilla-like creature with it. These creatures could be at the center of season 5. There’s a lot of supporting evidence for this theory. For example, an image floated around on Reddit which showed a destroyed building with a giant footprint, a Godzilla-like footprint.

Furthermore, two users were quick to point out that in the trailer for season 4, there’s a meteor icon and a dinosaur icon on the cinema screen as well as two players wearing dinosaur outfits who’re about to get wiped out by a meteor. Of course, this could mean anything as the trailer might not have anything of relevance, but the above theories do seem logical.

As far as the superhero theory is concerned, it’s also possible because, among the many new locations that were added to the map in season 4, a superhero base and a villain base was also added. Could these play a more important role in the next season? It’s possible, especially because there’s a missile in the villain base, which players expect will be fired at the start or end of season 4. What the actual plan is though, whether it be creatures or superheroes or something completely different, at the end of the day it’s up to Epic to decide.

When is Season 5 coming out?

Given how the last two seasons have come out, it’s likely that Season 5’s release will be no different. Season 3 and 4 started only a day after the previous season had ended which meant that fans had to wait for a very short time before they could sink their teeth into new content.

However, it might also be a possibility that this season comes out a bit later if Epic Games is planning on something big, which might take some time. However, if everything is according to the theories above, then they’re already done with preparing season 5 content and we can expect season 5 by latest 10th July.

Nothing’s certain yet as season 4’s ending or season 5’s release could be subject to delay for any reason, however, it seems very likely that Epic will follow the same path it has been following for the past two seasons and will thus, release the next season as soon as season 4 comes to a close. If that is the case, then fans won’t have to wait long in order to start exploring new places that come with the season.
Whatever happens, all questions should be answered soon as more details come in, until then, grind away all the challenges for season 4. Good luck!





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