Fortnite Season 5: Lightning Bolt Guide

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Fortnite Season 5 is in full swing and it has brought a new of new things that players can do. Aside from huge content additions, there are also new weekly challenges, new rewards that are waiting to be earned with the latest Battle Pass.

Fortnite’s weekly challenge system consists of seven challenges that are rolled out every week which differ in difficulty. Some are really easy, whereas others are a bit complicated. Players used to have until the end of the season to complete these challenges which would then help them unlock new skins, emotes etc. However, according to the new changes implemented in season 5, you can complete these challenges anytime according to your pace.

One of the harder challenges for this week is to collect seven floating Lightning bolts scattered around the map. There have been many challenges in the past where you need to look for specific items and this one is no different. Players who’ve completed these challenges know how hard or annoying they can be because of the large map and the competitive nature of the game.

However, what makes this challenge even harder is the fact that they’re not exactly on the ground. The lightning bolts are floating in the air, so you need to get to a certain height to collect them, and no, you can’t collect them when skydiving or jumping. Therefore, all techniques of using a jumping pad to get the job done go out the window.

In order to get to these lightning bolts, you’ll need to build a ramp or some structure. The challenge becomes tricky because not only are they at a certain height, but you also need materials in order to build something to get to them. Many people either don’t take the time for gathering materials or it’s also a possibility that they take too long and miss their chance of getting to a lightning bolt without getting killed. Here’s a map of where you can typically find them:

Image: Gamespot

The good thing about the lightning bolts is that they’re not randomly scattered across the map. Therefore, you’ll always be able to find them in each of the locations specified in the map above. According to the map, there are plenty of locations to go to, more than seven, so you can just choose to land on any location where there are usually fewer people and then you’ll be done in no time.

As far as the specifics of where these lightning bolts can be found in the areas marked above, here are seven areas where it’s comparatively¬†easier to get the lightning bolts: you can find one above a small hill towards the west of Tomato Town. For the Haunted Hills one, you’ll need to head southeast where you’ll find it floating between two large mountains, won’t be hard to spot. Similar to Tomato Town, you should head west of Wailing Woods where you’ll find the bolt above a small hill.

Head over to the northwest-most corner of Junk Junction to find another one and exactly to the left of the top floor of the tall tower in Lonely Lodge, you’ll find another one floating about. In Salty Springs, a bolt can be found on top of a house in the northwest corner. Lastly, there’s one near the bridge southeast of Shifty Shafts.


Although you can go to any of the areas marked in the image, most of them are hot areas like Paradise island where you’ll find a lot of players, so it’s not recommended that you go there else you’ll likely end up dying pretty quickly. Stick to the less-populated areas and you’ll be done with the challenge in no time. Always stop and cut down some trees before heading to the next area so that you have enough resources to build each time, plus you’ll also need them to build if you happen to run into an enemy on the way.

Players will get 5 battle stars upon completion which will help in ranking up the season 5 Battle Pass. Even if you don’t have the Battle Pass, Epic has divided the challenges into free challenges and Battle Pass exclusive challenges. So you can still earn some skins, emotes and cosmetics even if you’re not an owner of the Battle Pass, which is great. However, as far as this challenge goes, it’s for Battle Pass owners only.

The lightning bolt challenge is one of the more annoying or time-consuming challenges instead of being very difficult but it’s rewarding as well. Here are all the challenges for this week and their rewards:

“Free” Challenges

  1. Deal 500 SMG damage to opponents- 5 Battle Stars.
  2. Search a Supply Llama once- 5 Battle Stars.
  3. Eliminate enemies with either a Grenade, Stink Bomb or Clinger- 10 Battle Stars.

Battle Pass exclusive challenges

  1. Search seven chests in Snobby Shores- 5 Battle Stars.
  2. Search 7 floating Lightning Bolts- 5 Battle Stars.
  3. Follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels- 10 Battle Stars.
  4. Eliminate 3 opponents in Retail Row- 10 Battle Stars.


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