Fortnite Season 5: Flush Factory treasure map challenge guide

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Fortnite’s season 5 just got its third week of challenges which means players can start grinding for those Battle Stars yet again. If you’ve fallen behind on previous challenges, there’s no need to worry because season 5 changed the challenge system such that you can complete all of them at your own pace.

As per the new challenge system introduced this season, some challenges are free and available for all players whereas some can only be accessed by Battle Pass owners. However, this week, the challenge which involves a treasure map is part of the free challenges. So, if you don’t have a Battle Pass, you can still get rewards for completing this challenge.

The hardest of the free challenges this week is to follow a treasure map that can be found at Flush Factory. These types of challenges are always hard because they involve a lot of walking/running and there’s a high probability for you running into an enemy on the way. It also becomes hard because everyone will be doing it, so you’ll likely find more people around Flush Factory this week than any other week.

Like previous treasure map challenges, you don’t really need to have the treasure map in order to collect the rewards. You only need to know the location, if you know that, then you can just go there directly and skip the treasure map altogether. However, if you want to try finding the map first then Flush Factory itself can be found on the southeastern part of the map, which is where the map will be located.

Image: Gamespot

You then need to head towards the F8 quadrant of the map where you’ll see a house on a hilltop. As you can see on the map, the star is located on the right side of the path that leads up to the house. In order to get to the star, there are two approaches. The first approach would be to just go there once you’ve found the map and build your way up to the house, that way, you’ll likely encounter fewer people if you make your own way to the top.

However, there’s an easier way to do this. Now that you know where the star is located, you simply wait for another match to start. You can then just directly land where the star is located and get the star really early on in the match. The reason why this works really well is that it removes all the hassle of going from one place to the other. Moreover, nobody has weapons during the start of the game, everyone is busy looting chests at this point which is the perfect chance to get the star without risks of getting killed.

Completing this challenge gets you 10 Battle Stars which helps in unlocking various different rewards such as emotes, skins, cosmetics etc. The challenge is pretty straightforward if you know where to go, otherwise, it can get a bit difficult, especially with lots of people trying to complete it at the same time. Good luck!


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