Fortnite Season 5: Clay Pigeon challenge guide

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Week 3 of Fortnite Season 5 challenges are now out and some of them are pretty cool. While many of them are similar to the challenges we’ve seen before, such as the Flush Factory treasure map challenge, the Clay Pigeon challenge this week is a bit different, but also harder.

Exclusive to Battle Pass owners only, you need to shoot Clay pigeons at five different locations in order to complete this challenge. The challenge in itself is easy, but it becomes hard because the map is huge, the pigeons could be located anywhere. However, we’ve got you covered, just follow this guide and you’ll be collecting your Battle Stars in no time.

The good thing about this challenge is that there are many locations for you to go to and since only 5 are needed to complete the challenge, it makes it much easier because a lot of people trying to complete the challenge won’t be heading towards just one location like the Flush Factory challenge. Here are some areas where you can find Clay Pigeons:

Of course, the clay pigeons are not limited to just these locations, they could be found anywhere else. So if you see a shooter and a setup like the one below, then that means you’re at the right location:

Now that you know where to go, it’s easy from here, just go to these locations, then activate the clay pigeon shooters like the ones in the image above, and shoot them! Once you know the locations, the challenge becomes pretty easy. We’ve found it best to complete these challenges at locations that are not as popular, so it would be best to avoid areas like Paradise Palms because it’s relatively new and highly popular.

Upon completion, you get 5 Battle Stars and if you complete this challenge and the Flush Factory treasure map challenge, then the rest of the week’s challenges are pretty straightforward, they only require a bit of time depending on your skill level but apart from that, they’re pretty straightforward.

Here’s the List of all the challenges for this week:

Free challenges

  1. Deal 500 damage to opponents in one match- 5 Battle Stars
  2. Use a launch pad once- 5 Battle Stars
  3. Follow the treasure map found in Flush Factory (1)- 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass challenges

  1. Search 7 chests in Fatal Fields – 5 Battle Stars
  2. Shoot a Clay Pigeon at 5 different locations- 5 Battle Stars
  3. Eliminate 5 opponents in Haunted Hills- 10 Battle Stars
  4. Get explosive weapon eliminations- 10 Battle Stars
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