Fortnite: New Locations in Battle Royale Season 4 would surprise you with these cool new things

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Fortnite’s exciting new Season is here and it has brought a lot of changes to everyone’s favorite Battle Royale game. The new season comes with a lot of new maps, challenges, cosmetics and much more, giving players a chance to explore new areas of the map as well as customize their characters further by earning more cosmetics and emotes.


Fortnite has a season system which has received a great response from the community as it ensures there’s always something to do in the game. Online multiplayer games tend to get stale pretty quick and not a lot of games are able to maintain their large player-base for a large period of time. Fortnite is able to do it because it keeps changing things up, bringing new things every time in order to keep the players interested.

Season 4 is no different as the map has been shaken up quite a bit, modifying a few areas as well as adding new locations. For example, there are new crater sites now which have glowing rocks, if you consume said rocks, your gravity will decrease, which can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you use it. However, it’s not just craters or bug fixes that have come with the latest Fortnite update, there are new zones, buildings, and locations along with many new secrets that have been included in the game since the new update. Here are some (there could be possibly more) of the new areas you can visit right now in Fortnite: Battle Royale:

The Supervillain Base

Situated on a mountain near Snobby Shores, The Supervillain base is pretty cool-looking. You’ll know you’re at the Supervillain base if you see a giant rocket/missile in the middle, although it may look like something else from afar. The rocket/missile seems to be there for scenery purposes for now since no one has figured out a way to fire it just yet.

However, don’t rule out the possibility of this rocket getting fired in the near future. Just like the Comet from Season 3 that caused devastation to the map and is the reason for the craters, firing the missile could have similar effects (perhaps towards the end of season 4?). The base is speculated to be the Omega’s official base and it’ll be interesting to see if it actually turns out to be true. There’s a big hint on whether Omega has any villain partners if you unlock the skin earned from completing 7 weeks of challenges, there’s a lot to discover in this game.

The Superhero Mansion

If Supervillains can have a base, then, of course, superheroes must have one too. Perhaps taking a page from the X-mansion (a mansion for Marvel superheroes, the X-Men), the Superhero Mansion is located near Lonely Lodge. It may seem like some insanely rich person’s house at first, but you soon find out why it’s known as the Superhero mansion.

The mansion is a house from the outside, but just like Batman, the mansion has a secret base within which is why its the ‘Superhero’ mansion. The Superhero base that lies within this mansion leads to a large hangar on the underside of a cliff that faces water in the end. If you do come across the Superhero mansion, don’t mistake it as just some regular house, do explore, especially the basement to find some cool stuff.

Dusty Divot

While some of the newer locations in this season may require you to search or explore a little more, you don’t need to do that for the Dusty Divot. From the name, you can take a guess that this was more or less the place where the comet crash landed. The comet created a massive crater and destroyed most of what lied in Dusty Depot.

The Dusty Depot’s destroyed factories are now replaced by a large crater, on top of which a military base has been set up. Again, this seems to have taken inspiration from a Marvel superhero movie, as it looks awfully like the base that was set up during the first Thor movie when his hammer created a massive crater on Earth. This crater is a ton of fun as it contains Hop rocks that can increase your jump height and reduce fall damage.

There seems to be a lot of stuff that you can look into in this particular area, that’s no surprise given that a comet literally fell here, so there would be a lot of new things waiting to be found here. For example, there’s an Icecream truck lodged in the ground and it has a ridiculously high amount of HP of 100,000. Can it be hiding something valuable? it remains to be seen, you’d probably get killed before you’re able to find out. As far as the craters are concerned, there are many others apart from the one in Dusty Divot which also have hop rocks and other rocks that have other special properties.

Yonder Yard Club

One of the more fun additions to Fortnite’s Season 4, The “Yonder Yard” is no longer what it once used to be. It’s now a full-fledged club, it’d be too far to call it a nightclub but the newly named and remodeled “Yonder Yard Club” is now a large dance club with lots of room for everyone.

The club even has a dance floor, a VIP area, and a DJ booth. You can definitely have a lot of fun with your friends here and show off your different dance moves (emotes) or just chill around and have a great time. Although nothing really significant in terms of gameplay, it’s certainly a fun little addition Epic games has made to provide a kind of social space for people to meet and greet each other in-game.

The Footprint

Now, this is an interesting new location. It has a lot of mystery behind it. Like the name suggests, the location is literally what the name would suggest it to be, a giant footprint. It shows a wrecked house which features a giant footprint of something, but whose footprint could it be? That’s the mystery.

The wrecked house lies between Snobby Shore and Greasy Grove and according to the giant footprint, not only is the creature responsible for this wreckage extremely large, but it also has three toes. There are many theories that are now out there due to this mysterious location on the map. While many believe this is just a regular map with a few special touches made by the developers, many are speculating that this could be foreshadowing future seasons.

Each Fortnite season follows a certain theme or so, such as the last one which was based on sci-fi stuff mainly linked to space so it had the comet and everything. Perhaps we could be getting a creature/ giant themed season in the near future? Who knows, only time will tell but it certainly makes the future possibilities more exciting.

Fortnite’s season 4 has brought a lot of new updates to the game, especially its map. People didn’t expect that they’d change the map so much but they have and the response has mainly been positive. It’s also rumored that the developers will likely keep on adding more locations to the map as season 4 progresses, and given the fact that some of the rumored locations turned out to be true, it’s definitely possible for this rumor to be true as well. However, as with everything uncertain, only time will tell, until then, we have a new fresh season of Fortnite to enjoy.

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