Fortnite Mobile on top of earnings board – Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go behind

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Fortnite had released its mobile version of the now extremely popular game. The user response was at an all-time high for Epic as people flocked over to download the game on their iOS devices. With more number of users on the mobile platform, the earnings for the game have also soared.

What surprising is that it hasn’t been long since the game came out, but only been three weeks. In a quite short time since release, Fortnite mobile became the center of attention for many gaming websites. Perhaps, the game going viral also contributed to its success. Sensor Tower is a firm which tracks the earnings of the popular mobile games, and it seems like Fortnite mobile has surpassed them all.

Yes, it is true, Fortnite mobile has gone ahead of Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans and even the much player Candy Crush Saga to steal the top spot. You can clearly see this in the chart above as well. The overall earnings for Fortnite since its mobile launch has been $15 million, but the $6.4 million alone was in the last week. This is because, at launch, the game was only available through an invite, but last week it was available to every iOS user.

Though, don’t be overwhelmed by the figures since there is more to it than seems. It is expected from a newcomer app like Fortnite to break through the records since it becomes a center of attention for many. Though, what Fortnite mobile has done in such a quite short time is impressive. This is because Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go have certainly been around for quite some time. Perhaps, the reasons why it is impressive is quite simple.

Being just an alternate platform for the PC and console gamers, Fortnite had the fan base already, who were eager to play the game on their devices. Courtesy account sharing and cross-play, the game’s earning soared as more and more people completed their purchases on the mobile platform itself when they could have done so on the PC and console versions of the game. Therefore these numbers do mean a lot.

There aren’t really any other means for earning money for Fortnite except that you can buy cosmetic items. There aren’t any gambling based loot boxes involved or anything like that. It should be noted that Clash of Clans lures people into buying gems or resources or skip time. While the Pokemon Go also has in-game items for purchase, and Candy Crush selling lives which are essential to the core game, cosmetic items on the Fortnite are simply for your own pleasure.

Though Fortnite does have a one time Battle Pass for the season but combined with just buying items from the store directly using V-bucks which can also be earned is quite a feat. Therefore, to achieve such a high figure when it comes to earnings is remarkable.

It is true that Epic, the company behind Fortnite can’t rely on only the mobile earnings of Fortnite, but who wants to give up on $6 million a week on revenue? It is only expected that as more and more people join the Fornite network, it would cause the earnings to grow at a rather exponential rate.


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