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Fortnite: How to Fix server error when logging into matches and lobbies

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Fortnite is the game that defies all odds. When announced back in 2017, prospective players grew baffled over its marketing. It was a Battle Royale game, sure, but it was also set in a third-person view? Furthermore, the free-to-play experience made it unclear how Epic Games planned to profit off of a Battle Royale experience.

Fast forward to 2020, and the game is as popular as ever. Even despite the rise of other successful Battle Royale shooters like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite remains at the top. Not even later, more refined entries like Apex Legends managed to eclipse its level of popularity. Epic Games, now worth billions, enjoys success like few other gaming companies ever.

Fortnite is therefore something of an interesting case. It blends together simple art styles with an emphasis on trendiness. Frequent updates and downloadable content keep the gameplay fresh. And, owing to its massive fame, it enjoys crossovers with everyone from Travis Scott to the Avengers. You know you’re in the major leagues as a company when you have the funds and time to sue Apple for blocking your microtransactions.

One recent complaint Fortnite players have is server connection errors across all platforms

All great things come with some weakness. In Fortnite’s case, this happens to come in the shape of occassional server errors. Players report experiencing bootings from matches, unable to rejoin lobbies. Sometimes, loading up the game results in the title screen greeting them with the unexpected error.


The error must certainly feel utterly maddening for most players. The online-only game is utterly useless if you get this error. Players that somehow get past this error once or twice on a fluke may still see this pop-up again. Epic Games has not yet acknowledged any major issues, but keep in mind future patches may resolve these Fortnite server connection errors.

Not to worry, though, we have you covered. This guide compiles the best fixes from various users on the internet. Only the most tried-and-tested methods are listed here. Hopefully, using these Fortnite server error fixes will help you rejoin the map in no time!

1) Restart your game, closing it properly, and launch it again

Sometimes, the best choice is trying over and over again. This is where we get the tech fix of “turning it off and back on”. While it seems like an overdone joke for IT services, most will swear by this one working to resolve numerous fixes. Close your game processes to kill off the malfunctioning, buggy data sets with it. Rerunning it will make it good as new.

PC players can just close the game application. Use Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) to end the associated processes, and restart your PC. Try running Fortnite again.

On PS5/Xbox you can do this by closing the game process, or turning off your console. Make sure your console shuts down, rather than entering Standby Mode. Power it back on, and launch the game.

Console users need to remain mindful that they avoid the default Standby Mode. Close the game app properly, then power your Xbox/PS5 back off and on.

Mobile users need to close the application then run it again. To make extra sure that the associated processes are closed, you can use a Task Killer app or a built-in memory cleaner. These help to clear up residual data, which could cause Fortnite server errors.

2) Reset your router, and change the NAT and Quality of Service (QoS) options

One of the best fixes is to reset your router. This will help end any mismanaged resources and internet traffic on your network. Simply power off your router for 30 seconds, then back on. If you’re on a wired connection, unplug then reconnect your Ethernet cable.

In addition to these basics, configuring your advanced settings will go a long way too. First, obtain Admin Access for your router network, which means checking online according to the make and model. Alternatively, contact your internet service provider for additional details. Then, use the portal to find NAT and QoS.

NAT type refers to your network’s security when allowing online gameplay connections to Epic Games servers. Change this from the default Strict setting to Moderate, but don’t worry. As long as your network is private, this should pose no security risk at all when you game.

Quality of Service allows you to optimize your internet bandwidth so that your gaming PC/console/phone receives enough for a stable online connection. This means that less essential users on your network, like idle devices, won’t hog all the bandwidth in your network. Ideally, this leaves you with more connectivity to fix any Fortnite server errors. That means fewer chances of server connection errors as well.

3) PS4 and PS5 Fortnite players can rebuild game databases

Use the Rebuild Database option on your PS4 and PS5 to resolve the server error. This is useful because occassional bugs and glitches can collect on your storage data. Short of corrupting your system, they make your game run less stably.

To do this, you should power down your PlayStation console, till the audio cue indicates Safe Mode. From here, you’ll see advanced game settings. Look for the Rebuild Database option. This will reorganize the data on your HDD/SSD, and make Fortnite run better. Hopefully, it’ll kill off server errors too.

4) Update your PC game drivers and Windows version

If you game on a PC, it is inevitable that you use a GPU rather than Integrated Graphics. If your GPU is either AMD or Nvidia, then you need to keep your drivers updated. Drivers essentially comprise software packets that help your games, like Fortnite, run smoothly and error-free. To make sure bugs and errors get resolved, these should be checked routinely. AMD users can look here for more info on drivers, while Nvidia users should check the GeForce Experience app.

Another aspect of PC gaming is knowing how compatible your game is with the Windows version. Microsoft keeps its Windows updates regular and often improving gaming performance. However at times bugs or poor optimization means new updates introduce server errors and bugs. In that case, wait for the next update or rollback to a previous version.

5) On mobile, clear your game’s cache

Unfortunately, it is also possible the game is corrupt from the very core. On mobile devices, the game directory is the primary placement of installation. If this gets bugged, you’ll need to wipe the app cache clean. This method is not that complicated, but confusion arises when it is placed so close to the Clear Data option.

Avoid that one at all costs unless you want to redownload the whole game. Navigate to individual apps, find Fortnite, then open its settings. In the Storage tab, you want to hit Clear Cache. Don’t worry, all of your saved data will still remain unaffected, but performance should improve.

For more on gaming, Fortnite, and Epic Games stay tuned!



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