Fortnite for android may be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for 30 days

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Samsung Note is a brand that has proved its worth in the Smartphone market due to its productivity and the Stylus (S Pen) even after the “blowing” Galaxy Note 7 release the consumers showed their trust in the Note 8, probably the best smartphone of the last year. Now we are only 2 weeks away from the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 the device is getting its fair share of rumors but alongside the traditional rumors that revolve around a smartphone we are receiving interesting rumors for the device.

Starting with the traditional rumors, the device will be launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC with the latest Adreno GPU, and hopefully, it would be the first device that will get the Adreno GPU boost out of the box. In terms of storage, the device will come in three configurations the base model will have 128GB of Flash memory and the high-end model will have storage up to 512GB additionally the device will come in 6GB or 8GB of memory configuration. While the feature that Samsung has been teasing in their Note 9 teaser the battery will be around 4000mAH that according to the company is enough for 4-5 days, but we know how credible the battery performance is according to the smartphone manufacturers.

Image: Phonearena
Image: Phonearena

The exciting thing is according to the XDA developers there is something more to the chart of Galaxy Note 9 rumors, and it is in no way related to productivity at least in the more familiar frame of things. XDA developers claim that Samsung has reached out to Epic games with a marketing proposal associated with Note 9, Samsung wants the debut of Fortnite the most played game in the world on the Android platform to be exclusive with its next flagship. There is no word from people over Epic games but if this happens Samsung will be able to make the Note 9 a device that will not only perform better in the productivity-related tasks but also in gaming. That is why Samsung is also touting “vapor chambered heat pipes” that will help in intense gaming sessions.

Image: xda-developers
Image: xda-developers

The proposal if true will have both advantages and disadvantages for the Epic games. Launching the game that is producing revenue in billions form the in-app purchases in a single device will limit Epic’s profits. But if the rumored deal gets confirmed, Epic games will have long-term advantages.

On a side note if the game releases only on Note 9 exclusively due to the “openness” of Android platform people will definitely find a workaround to play the game in their devices. Let’s see what happens as we are eagerly waiting for the August 9 the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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