Fortnite and Battle Royale Latest Update ; Fixed server outages and Halloween event extended

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If you are a Fortnite and its Battle Royale player, then we have got some good news for you. The much talked about Halloween event has just been given an update on the end date and everyone is going crazy.

Much was speculated about the end date of the Halloween event but courtesy the Fortnite Team, now we know about when this spectacular would actually end. The creative Director Darren Sugg, was the first to let people know about this in a dev update released a couple of days before. According to Sugg, the Halloween Event has been given a further extension till 29th of November, 2017. This is because of the huge popularity gained by the seasonal event which lead to such an extension.

He further stated there was no other reason but for users to have more than enough time to “enjoy more of the Halloween content”.

The Halloween event for Epic Games hit shooter dubbed Fortnitemares has gained a huge fan base and Fortnite and Battle Royale players have been engaged in this event for more than a week.

The cosmetics, seasonal rewards, and the new Hexylvania zone are also expected to come with the Fortnite update. There hasn’t been any other instance where a tower defense shooter and free to play Battle Royal mode has had a seasonal event.

On the contrary, the Pokemon Go and the Overwatch Halloween events have gone past their end date. Bringing some of the Generation 3 creatures along with a Pikachu witch hat, the Pokemon Go’s Halloween event finished nearly three days ago. On the other hand, the Overwatch’s Halloween event featuring Junkenstein’s revenge and spooky sins came to an by Wednesday.

The Fortnite Halloween event got even better when a new update was released as a patch for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. This Fornite update 1.8.1 got released on Thursday and was intended to finish some bugs in both the Battle Royale and Save the World modes. There was a major server outage, which was caused by a massive number of players, affecting fans all over the globe over the weekend. Therefore, the patch was released to fix this issue.

For any inconvenience this may have caused to players, the Epic Games have given a due apology stating that “We’re sorry for the trouble this weekend. The Battle Bus had 811K concurrent players on Sunday. We’re working hard to keep it in the air.” Furthermore, the update also has some major improvements as well.

There are voice chat improvements which let you ”take control over your communication with the option to mute individual players, located in the “Audio” tab of the settings screen.” Along with this is the Quest drop; “There are times when you may feel like you are the unluckiest player in Fortnite as you just can’t get that last quest item. Well, it’s your lucky day … we’ve increased quest item drop rates”

Moreover, several localizing issues have also been fixed, and there is an added option to uncap framerate too which is available for the PS4 and PS4 pro.

The complete patch notes can be viewed at the game’s website.

As discussed above, the reason for the server outage was Fortnite amassing a huge number of 800,000 concurrent users. Initially, by the start of October, they were 525,000 so that’s a huge bump. Launched at the end of September, the game was a quick success, gaining around 1 million users on the very first day.

With the current explosive growth-rate of player all around the world, the server outages seem more likely to happen, so if you are a hardcore player, enjoy all you can till the time lasts.

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