Fortnite Battle Royale: How to play like an Expert? What Weapons to use? Tips and Strategies

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Looking for the best tips and strategies to be successful in the Battle Royale mode for the game Fortnite? If so then look no further as you have just landed on the right page. We have brought you a step by step guide that will help you to play this game like an expert. The PC players may know this genre a little bit better, some consoles players might not be as familiar. So without further ado let’s jump right into explaining what this game is about.

  • What Is Fortnite Battle Royal?

The Fortnite Battle Royal is a survival deathmatch game mode where up to 100 players are dropped into an open world where you have only one goal: Be the last man standing. Your primary objective is killing other players, keeping yourself armed while staying within the circle that appears on your map. Other than that all the decisions are up to you. You have access to guns, explosives, traps and building or destroying pretty much anything that you can imagine.

  • How Does The Game start?

When the game starts you will be placed in the staging area and there is nothing to do here other than walking around, jumping on tiers and testing out different weapons. This area is just where you will remain while the other players load in and you prepare to start the match. Once the match starts you will begin your journey in a battle bus which is a purple color bus suspended by a hot air balloon flying over the map and this is where the fun really starts as you need to choose where you want to eject. Now let’s take a look at things which you need to focus on in the Fortnite Battle Royale.

Image by Polygon

Avoid Landing Near Other Players:

The most basic thing that you should do is try to eject as far away from other players as possible. When you will get near the Earth eventually your glider is going to come out and you are going to choose where you land and you don’t wanna be landing near anybody else cause that greatly increases the chance that the other player loots a weapon before you to knock you out and boom it’s game over. But if you land somewhere else it is going make your life a lot easier and will provide you with some time to adjust to the surroundings.

Weapon Priority:

The weapons that you choose make a huge difference in your gameplay. Now obviously you can’t really choose which weapons you have with you because it is all about random looting but eventually, as you progress in the game you are going to find more and more weapons and that it’s about which ones you stick with. In my opinion, you should go with long range weapons like a sniper rifle. This will provide you with a lot of versatility and will allow you to look far and shoot someone.

Image by XBOX Achievements

Burst-Fire Automatic Weapons:

Make sure to fire automatic weapons in small controlled bursts. This tip is for all the shooting games but it is most effective here because the aim will get completely out of control, if you hold down the trigger for more than one or two seconds the gun becomes practically useless especially at longer ranges.

Image by Dot Esports

The Circle Is All That Matters:

Anyone new to the genre will notice a big circle on the map which will constantly get smaller and smaller and it forces players to get into a small area so that they actually need to fight each other rather than just staying in their little camping spots hiding throughout the match. If you get caught outside the circle you will start to take damage, it is a little bit damage at first but it is a lot of damage towards the end so will always need to be aware of the circle, forever shrinking in size.

Don’t Max Kills – Avoid Deaths:

The most important tip that you must know that this is game about avoiding deaths rather than maximizing the number of kills. It is different from other shooting games where the death does not matter much and you can get started again but in this game, it is all about staying alive and be the last man standing. You can get the max number of kills but if you die to that last guy you have still lost. So be careful with all of your moves, take a nice look while entering structures and always keep an eye on what’s going around you.

Don’t Loot Bodies Straight Away:

If you kill someone don’t loot them immediately unless you are extremely sure that no one is around. One of the best things you can do in Battle Royale is to watch an encounter taking place wait for that person to go over to get the loot where they are going to be stationary and not moving around then you can line up an impressive head-shot on them. So carefully observe your surrounding when you choose to loot because you are at your most vulnerable at that point.

Image by Empire of Nerds

Don’t Build Forts, You Will Get Caught:

In this game you can pretty much build any structure you want: you can build houses, walls, ramps and you can also set up traps for enemies. You might think of building a nice safe castle and just hang out there but know that this act is going to make you very vulnerable. Buildings are not safe as anyone will blow up a big building thinking that someone is in it which makes you an easy target. The best thing if you want to build something is ramps as they will allow you to reach inaccessible places which will provide you great cover and sight of enemies outside.

Be Prepare For Stuff To Explode:

You must know that pretty much anything or structure that exists in this game can be blown. In other games, the structures stand pretty strong and explosives can’t really do much to them but in this game, an RPG can bring down pretty much any structure. So always have an escape plan ready all the time assuming that your cover is going to get destroyed by someone.

Image by Youtube

Drink Shield Potions Immediately: 

If you find a little bottle of potion drink it ASAP, it acts as an armor and will increase your survival ability. This is a blue colored potion will basically give you a second health bar. It is a shield buff so will not protect you from certain damage types, like falling. There are three types of potions available in the game; Regular shield potions provides 50% shield energy with up to a maximum of 100%, Small shield potions provides 25% with up to a maximum of 50 and Slurp Juice comes with a double bonus which adds 25% shield energy and can also heal 25% of your health.

Image by Mental Mars

So this was all you need to know about the game in order to play like an expert. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you know some other good tips or if you have any queries then make sure to drop down a comment below

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