Forgot your account password? You can just ask Siri for help!

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Currently, Siri might not be as smart as the Google Assistant, but it is sure going be much smarter than before with the upcoming iOS 12. Even though people are already used to using their iPhone without an assistant (because it is already so simple duh), their lives would only be easier with Siri – You won’t need to remember your passwords!

Hey Siri, show me all of my passwords!

Yes, it is as simple as that. Before this, you had to go all the way into settings and find the password you had forgotten and now it is going to be simply much easier. Also, many people were avoiding strong passwords, only because they kept on forgetting them, and heading over to settings to find a password seemed too tedious for them. Now, all they need to do is simply ask the iPhone’s digital assistant Siri, Show me my passwords. This will bring up all the saved passwords on your iCloud Keychain. From there you just need to find the account you want to know the login details for either manually or through the search bar.

Or better yet, you can simply ask Siri for the account’s credentials directly by saying something like, Show me my password for [insert account name here]. This shall straightaway take you the page, which will show the credentials for the specific account you requested.

In case, like me, if you are worried that anyone can access your passwords this way, you need not be. This is because, each time you request a password from Siri you will be required to confirm your identity using TouchID, FaceID or a passcode, thus ensuring that only you can access your password this way.

Still uncomfortable? The old method still works

In case you still don’t trust Siri on this, you need to use the old method which involves heading over to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords, which can seem a bit tedious to some. Essentially, why not use Siri to do the work for you.

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