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How to Fix Worms Rumble Server Connection Error E511/504

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This year is essentially proof that sometimes even the silliest of premises can still make a great game. Out of all the majorly creative releases in 2020, the biggest seem to comprise of the unexpected. You have games like Among Us, which take a simple yet infinitely replayable concept and make it a worldwide phenomenon. And there’s games like Fall Guys, where Baymax-esque players compete on an obstacle course. What we mean is, while we know that The Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 may win Game of The Year, it’s lighthearted, family-friendly games like Worms Rumble that have our hearts.

Speaking of Worms Rumble, we get why so many players are hooked to the PS4, PS5 and PC sensation. However, this praise does not translate to actual perfection. While the game generally runs stable, a few notable issues may plague your gaming experience. This includes issues with voice chat and server connectivity. In the former, players forming parties sometimes face issues with the automatic respawn, and with voice chat functionality. More on that to come!

Some players report server errors on Worms Rumble, with Server Errors like E511 and E504

However, with regards to the server connection issue, players yet again face a problem with few solutions. In this server error, players may randomly face kicks from online matches. This frustrating issue is then passed with a certain error code, usually something like Error E511 or Error E504. This code bears a vague server message, such as “An error has occurred connecting to T17 services. Please try again.”

It must be noted that most complaints stem from the PlayStation community. This means PS4 and PS5 players may face the most online multiplayer issues. However, PC players may also face these server errors due to the T17 service losing connection. That’s why the Worms Rumble server error needs correcting as soon as possible.

Several fixes can help solve the issue, and restore server connection to Worms Rumble

Across the internet, players grow increasingly exasperated with the lack of official attention given to their issue. Playing any online multiplayer game is stressful, but facing the constant worry of being booted out at any moment utterly ruins the experience. Recently, the official social media for Worms Rumble acknowledged the existence of the issue, but offered no plan of action.

Regardless, the fact that T17 has taken note of the issue and started work on it bodes well for all Worms Rumble players. You can certainly expected a patch or update that cleans up the bugs behind this Worms Rumble server error. While there is no timeframe on said official support, it hopefully won’t be long.

That’s why we have taken the liberty of compiling the most effective fixes for this server error. Keep in mind that some of these may prove more helpful than others. And, if they do end up resolving the Worms Rumble server error, be sure to share online for others!

1) Restart the game, making sure to carefully close the application

Sometimes the best remedies are the simplest. As is the age-old fix for all things technology, try turning it off an on again. In this case, we recommend that you close Worms Rumble on your PS4 or PS5, and then relaunch the game. Likewise for PC, close the game and try to relaunch the application.

In the case of PC, take note that sometimes background processes may remain active even when apparently closed. That means these processes may affect your T17 server connectivity and stay hidden. Therefore, try using the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) to forcibly shut down the game and associated process respectively.

2) Reset your internet connection from the router

Usually, a faltering or weak Internet connection can become the source of several online gaming issues. Therefore, it may help to reset and reestablish your connection. This entails turning off your WiFi Router for 30 seconds, then turning it back on. Wait a few minutes, and try to reconnect to the Worms Rumble online service.

In case of a wired connection, the fix is even easier. Simply unplug your Ethernet cable for 30 seconds, then plug it back into your console or PC. Then, retry your online connection.

3) Try enabling Quality of Service (QoS)

One helpful fix for Worms Rumble server errors is to alter the traffic settings on your WiFi. To do that, QoS can really help. This tool essentially allows you to prioritize and allocate bandwidth, making your gaming experience more efficient. Ever get kicked offline and break a controller in frustration because your mom was ‘hogging’ all the internet streaming YouTube videos? If you can adjust your QoS settings, in theory this will make whatever task you need done much more Internet frugal.

That means your PC or PS4/PS5 won’t need to compete with every other device in your household for bandwidth. This should ideally translate to a smoother gaming experience (though the reality can differ depending on several other factors). To set up QoS, you’ll need to access your router’s admin page. This is specific for every model and brand, so you might need to check online or inquire for more details.

While enabling QoS is easy enough, the use of a third-party tool may make it easier. Once you reach the homepage of your router’s admin page, look for the NAT/QoS options. There, you’ll have the options to set bandwidth limits, choose preferences and priorities and the limits each can access. This means you’ll need a fair idea of your own internet speeds, so we suggest using an online speedtest to check for yourself.

4) Change your NAT settings

Sometimes, the fault lies not in the game, but in the Internet providers. The Network Address Translation (NAT) settings basically dictate how secure and closed off your internet connection is. A strict NAT is safer from cyber attacks and hacks, but unfortunately may grant stable connectivity to gaming servers. That’s right, your PC or PS5 might just think the T17 servers are malware.

Changing the NAT from strict to open will drop your security (be careful not to do this on an unsecured, public network). However, at home and just for gaming, it should not cause much harm. To change your NAT, access the router’s (once again, very unique) admin page and look for NAT/QoS settings. Here you can make the necessary changes.

If this seems to complicated for you, don’t worry. A quick call up to your Internet service provider should fix things immediately. This method should hopefully end the Worms Rumble Server Errors.




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