Five more games to play at the Nintendo Switch Eshop

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Good news for all Nintendo’s Switch fans. You may have to wait another week or so for the official release of Splatoon 2 but that doesn’t mean you won’t have anything exciting to play with till then.

The Japanese video games and computer giant has released few new options to keep your hands full before its next major release. Not one, not two but in fact five new game titles have been released on the Switch Eshop just this week. Demos of a few games have also been made available on 3DS.

Known for its classic ACA Neo Geo games, one of the new titles on Switch is the Fatal Fury Special priced at $8. But unlike its versions available at other outlets, the Fatal Fury Special on the Japan-based Nintendo’s Switch has a faster gaming speed, a range to play from a total of 15 fighters and exclusive combo attacks to enhance your gaming experience. Besides Switch Eshop, the game is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that has recently added updates on its gaming consoles.

Another of the titles added on Switch Eshop is simple and yet stylish, the party brawler De Mambo. Although the game is rather costly – priced at $13 – it can be played amongst four players. Each gamer will have their own Joy-Con to battle with against one another. But if you are not into multiplayer games, well fret not. The De Mambo also consist a single-player cooperative survival mode with 70-plus exciting levels.

In just one day Nintendo has added new titles with a variety of genres to suit everyone’s need and keep them entertained. The rest of its titles are interesting indie puzzlers, all of which are priced above $5. At $7 is Level+: Addictive Puzzle Game. This has players sliding and matching the pieces of the puzzles in the shape of panels to jump up levels by defeating other panels stopping their way. At $10 is I and Me. The best part about this game is that it has two cats (yes, you read that right cat lovers) that you control simultaneously through side-scrolling levels. Lastly, priced at $15 is Death Squared. It is a cooperative puzzle game that allows a number of players, one to four, to guide robots through different destructible stages, each including a variety of hurdles.

But that’s not all. For 3DS lovers, the Nintendo Switch Eshop contains two new demos: a trial versions of Miitopia and the Pikmin spinoff, titiled Hey! Pikmin, giving you the unique opportunity to test the games before they are publicly launched on July 28th. To top it off, handheld players can also download the demo version of the Splatoon 2, the Splatfest World Premier, before its official release. This will allow the players to participate in the first Splatfest event of the Splatoon 2, which takes place on Saturday, July 15, from 3-7pm ET (6-9pm PT) for US players and 5-9pm BST in the UK.

When Nintendo and Co. launched its latest gaming console Switch at the starting of the year, it immediately gained customer attention. The product was an instant hit and managed to gain 40% of the market share soon after its release. This is why when the news of the addition of the above five games on Switch Eshop was announced it was bound to create excitement. Happy gaming!

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