Finney Blockchain-based Smartphone created to save your Crypto transaction fees

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“Blockchain” is the word everyone was talking about a couple of months ago. It is still a much popular word amongst crypto-lovers, and it got so much hype that there is soon going to be a phone out there which has implemented the block-chain.

The phone shall be called “Finney”, and shall be manufactured by Sirin Labs. The purpose of the phone is quite simple: You can avert the unusually high transactions fees since you can simply use the “Finney” phone to do transactions, and even save your cryptocurrencies on it. This is quite handy since as of now, it can be difficult to carry USB flash drives accompanied with a digital wallet, and these flash drives can be easily lost or forgotten somewhere. Therefore, the Finney phone shall only add to the portability, and shall also make sure, that you don’t lose it so easily.

This is because everything will be there on the phone itself. The reason how you can avoid the high transaction fees is that there isn’t any middle-man, involved in the form of an exchange. Therefore, you can easily convert your digital currencies into any of the plethora of them out there. Not only this, but you can easily do online shopping out there on the internet on sites like Expedia.

Furthermore, you can easily earn some digital tokens, by turning on the mobile hotspot on your phone. If you are concerned about the security issues, then you need not be, since there is an in-built iris scanner on the phone itself. Furthermore, there is also a fingerprint scanner for a quick unlock. Although there is also a password option, we would advise against using your password to unlock, since they can be easily seen by someone, who is looking over at your screen while you unlock from the corner of their eye.

The phone has a demand already, since a pre-order of more than 25,000 Finney phones have been placed already, and more are expected. The phones shall ship out by October, which is still 4 months and a few days away. If you want to buy the phone in person, then you shall have to either be in Vietnam or Turkey, since that is where the phone is going to be sold. Else, you might want to import the phone from there.

The phone manufacturer, Sirin Labs, got the initial investment required for the phone through a public coin offering that took place in December last year. That amount collectively is reported to be $158 million, thus speaks a lot about the trust the people have in this venture. Their hopes are also pretty high, as the Switzerland based manufacturer has set their eyes on the sale of a million units at least.

In case you have read the whole article and still aren’t familiar with the term “Block-chain” then let us explain what it is. You must have heard about Bitcoin, right? Well, Blockchain is what is behind the mighty Bitcoin, which as you are already familiar with, is the most expensive Digital Currency which did see some pretty high ups and downs this year. So, what is Blockchain? When you perform a transaction, a blockchain is created, which is just a set of data blocks which continues to grow and serves as a ledger.

Since the currency is decentralized, the information isn’t stored on a single central computer but is distributed over various computer systems across the internet, through well – blockchains. Blockchain’s purpose isn’t just restricted to financial circumstances but can also be used for verifying if the food you ordered online is legit, or if a prescription drug you got isn’t a fake. It has a number of uses, thus, the blockchain-based phone you are going to buy can be pretty helpful in other aspects as well.

As for the phone’s specifications lets discuss them as well.


The phone shall be powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor, which amongst the Androids, is extremely fast. Therefore, coupled with 6 GB of RAM, you need not worry about any lags since the phone shall offer smooth performance.

On top of that, the device shall have the latest Android Oreo 8.1 as well, which means that you can enjoy the latest Android firmware as of now, and the features it offers, with a high likelihood of future software updates as well. Furthermore, the device has 128 GB of storage, which is more than enough to hold your photos and videos, large applications or even games. As for the phone’s battery, it is expected to last a day, since it is a 3,000 mAh one, which means it has enough capacity or ‘juice’ for you to use it all day long without having to charge it.

Moreover, the device has a 6” inches display according to the tradition these days of a large screen phone. The pixel density is great at 402 PPI (pixels per inch). In case you were wondering if a blockchain phone can shoot great pictures, then well this phone can, with its 12 MP rear shooter (f/1.8) and a whopping 8 MP front camera (f/2.2) for you to take all those selfies.

Furthermore, there is a fingerprint scanner under the display section and it is not clear if it would be an “in-display” reader; Time shall tell that. The phone also supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and has NFC too. Also, with an IP52 water-resistance rating, you need not worry about common spillages, since the phone shall withstand water up-to an extent. There is a cold-storage wallet as well.

As for the price tag, well it can disappoint you since you would need to spend $999 to get your hands on the phone.  Though, the major selling point this phone has is that you can enjoy great internal specifications along with the most important part of the phone; It’s blockchain. Imagine saving thousands of dollars in transaction fee; Covers up the price of the phone. Also, if you compare with other phones in the market like the Apple iPhone X, which is also priced at $999.99, this “Finney” phone seems a great option especially if you trade in crypto-currency every day.

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