FingerPow: A cool portable magnetic backup battery

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Smartphones are now one of the most important things in our lives. We simply cannot imagine a world without them. There are so many things that we do on our phones now that we used to do with other devices for example: taking photos, browsing the web etc.

With the use of smartphones increasing every day, it’s very hard to keep your phone charged always. Wireless options are there but they’re costly as well. However, FingerPow provides just the solution everyone needs; a set of tiny, magnetic backup batteries that will charge you phone quickly, anywhere, anytime.

FingerPow is the answer to many people’s never-ending battery crisis. It’s designed in such a way that won’t require your phone to be bogged down by cables or power banks. It’s the ultimate affordable wireless solution. It’s tiny enough to fit in your pocket so you don’t need to worry about carrying something large to charge your phone.

FingerPow makes it easy to charge your phone anywhere due to it’s accessibility. There are multiple charging options available in the market, but they are either too expensive or too big in size which make them a nuisance to carry around, however, FingerPow overcomes all those obstacles to ensure your phone stays charged without putting you through any trouble.

The concept behind FingerPow is simple, it’s divided into four small “charging packs” which each contain a significant amount of power enough to make sure your phone stays charged. Each charging pack can provide a certain amount of battery to your phone (depending on your phone model and its battery). The charging packs are small, tiny and can magnetically attach to your phone’s charging port as well making them super easy to use (and look cool) at the same time.

Charging pack battery details

The charging pack batteries are high-capacity lithium batteries made from lithium cobalt oxide cathodes with a high-quality chipset from Neusoft. Making them this way results in a very nice 85% boost to conversion to efficiency. One charging pack can provide an iPhone 8 25% of battery. Four charging packs come with a single FingerPow purchase which means one full charge for your iPhone.

It has a capacity of 600 mAh (4.35V) which can give 1 hour of gaming or 2 hours of video or 2 hours of browsing or 4 hours of talk time. It comes with a charging station that can charge all four charging packs at the same time. This charging station itself is a 5000 mAh power bank so you have the option of carrying a power bank or the much more convenient charging packs.

The charging station and packs are extremely durable too. A big problem with many power banks and even phone batteries is that after a certain period they don’t remain as effective. However, the FingerPow will retain 80% of it’s original capacity even after 500 complete charging cycles.

The charging packs as mentioned earlier are tiny, and magnetic. They can be attached to keychains which makes them extremely portable. This makes it easy to bring out a charging pack on the go giving your phone the extra boost in battery it needs.

The charging packs have the lightning charging, USB type C and micro USB compatibility. Another cool thing about them is that they’re waterproof. The waterproof feature is one of the key selling points of many phones with accidents bound to happen, there’s always a fear of electronics being damaged by water. However, the FingerPow charging packs are fully waterproof giving you one less electronic to worry about.

The FingerPow is thus a creative, unique way to charge your phone without having to worry about carrying extra stuff for your phone. For more information about buying and different packages, click here.

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