FIFA 21 – All the new Features and Improvements coming to the game

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With the PS5 unveil event out of the way, EA did not wait long before talking about their flagship football game for consoles. EA just dropped a teaser in its EA Play Live event for the new FIFA 21 slated for release later this year.

FIFA has been part of console gaming for more than two decades now. Just like actual football, this game is an essential part of the football fanbase. The lifelike players, cheering crowd, and fascinating gameplay take the players right into the stadium.


The new trailer shows footage from the game showcasing an improved game engine and more robust game mechanics. It also hints at some of the new features that players should expect on the latest installment of this popular franchise. Let’s discuss some of the main highlights.

Improved Haptic Feedback:

We know that the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller features a haptic engine now instead of the vibration motors in the old models. This new haptic engine provides a lot of opportunities for game developers to play with. Fifa 21 works a lot on the game feel with the inclusion of feedback on game events like shots, tackles, kicks, passes, and goals.

Faster Load Times:

The new generation of consoles comes equipped with solid-state drives that offer insane data rates. These higher data rates will translate into better graphics as more complex renders can now be done faster and swift load times. Fifa 21 is optimized to use this hardware to its fullest and provide users with blazing fast load times. With the new game, the wait from the menu to kickoff is just a couple of seconds.

Extreme Lighting:

The new game engine also takes advantage of the Ray tracing hardware now present on more modern consoles. Fifa 21 introduces a new deferred lighting and rendering system. The excellent lighting and rendering processes combine to provide an ultra-realistic playing environment. The players, the stadium, the crowd, and every part of the game comes to life.

Detailed Players:

This newer generation of FIFA takes player detail up another notch. Every aspect of the player from their body to their uniform is reimagined. The new dynamic lighting enhances player faces, hair, and kits and brings them closer to reality. A part of this feature in action was first seen in NBA trailer featured in the PlayStation launch event.


Dynamic Audio:

Audio has always been a big deal in games like FIFA. Everything you hear n the game adds up to the ultimate experience. From the rhythm that gets you going in the game to the crowd cheer when the player runs with ball toward the goal. Sound is what makes the experience come to life. The new FIFA features spatialized audio for the dynamic sound systems that users pair with their consoles.  With the latest surround sound, the player will feel as the crowd goes mad when they score.

Improved Player Movement:

This is nothing new to the game world, but this feature surely has evolved since the past game. With the latest version of FIFA player stats will play an even more realistic role in player movement and in-game performance. With support for faster frame rates of up to 120Hz, the players will now be ultra-responsive with realistic motion.  The smoothers animations will also be a part of the new game environment.

Eye Catching Humanization:

At the end of the FIFA is just a game, and the players are programmed characters. Well, this notion is also going to change with the latest iteration. This release does a lot of work on player humanization character behaviors are a lot improved.

From adjusting shin pads in the 89th minute to screaming for passes in the final third, every action in the game is tailored to provide extreme emotions of the beautiful game of football.

Weather Detailing:

The enhanced visuals also focus on the natural aspects in-game. Weather aspects re also improved and more lifelike in the game. Be it the rain or the snow; the field comes to life with the new FIFA 21.

The game is set to release late in the summer of this year around October, so that we will see a lot in terms of gameplay trailer in the future. The preorders for the game, however, are open with the ultimate edition preorders set to open in August. You can check out the official teaser for the game down below.

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