FIFA 18 World Cup mode: What’s new

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The biggest event of the football The World Cup is just around the corner, fans from all over the world would get to see the pinnacle of football experience in Russia, but there will be people who could not get to Russia to enjoy the event. For FIFA 18 players among those EA announced, earlier this year that it would release the World Cup mode before the start of the event itself, it was not sure whether it would be a standalone game or add-on content in FIFA 18.

Two days ago, EA released the free for all patch in FIFA 18 that players will download and get to enjoy the World Cup from May 29 onwards. It was a good step from EA since it is known to gather bucks from the players in the form of micro-transactions. There are many features in the update, let’s dive in and see what this update will offer?

Starting with the World Cup mode, players will get to play one of the 32 licensed nations that qualify for the World Cup. The core gameplay remains the same as the career mode in the base game, the player will play against CPU or online, with the same fixtures as in the real tournament and will get to enjoy the EA’s twist in the World Cup experience. Apart from this the mode also features the news from the event that will constantly be discussed during the commentary in the match, making the experience ever so enjoyable for the player.

This release also features updates for the celebrated FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode and there will be an entirely new FIFA World Cup Ultimate team mode, that will feature players from all of the 32 nations and the players from other nations that could not qualify for the tournament to choose from for your World Cup Ultimate team. It also includes new player and loot packs that will spawn as the event starts. Players will make a team of their favorite players and compete online to get more points and in-game currency, just like the gameplay of FUT. Finally, the World Cup icons Gary Lineker, Bobby Moore, Miroslav Klose, and Hidetoshi Nakata are added in the Ultimate Team mode, and the Player cards will be updated regularly according to their performance in the World Cup so that the experience becomes as realistic as possible.

Image: EA sports FIFA
Image: EA sports FIFA

The custom World Cup mode not only allows the player to choose from the teams that qualified for the World cup but also allows players to play with the teams such as Italy, USA or Chile that were unable to qualify for the World Cup. Players will also be able to create a custom lineup of the teams from which they would want to play, other than that the core gameplay is the same as the World Cup mode. This mode will allow players to create their World cup history.

If you haven’t played FIFA 18 in quite some time then I would say it’s the right time to play with so much happening on the game, the gameplay experience will be better than before with regular player updates, loot boxes will spawn regularly, and most importantly it’s a free add-on if you own FIFA 18 on any platform.

Or if you don’t currently own FIFA 18, this would be a good time to get your copy and join the millions of players online or make your Team win the Cup. Wrapping it up with an interesting fact: EA is currently predicting that France will win the World Cup this time, It should be noted that EA correctly predicted through the data of their game that Germany would win the 2014 World Cup and Spain would win the 2010 World Cup.

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