Fidget Spinner Mania: Watch ‘Interstellar’ updated Scene featuring the popular toy

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The hottest fad of the season “Fidget Spinner” has achieved its way into a scene of a famous movie ‘Interstellar’. Re-watch the breath taking shot again where Matthew McConaughey is seen piloting his spacecraft after a crazy ‘Fidget Spinner in space’. Yes, you read that right! This epic shot from Interstellar has been recreated by a concept artist named Joseph Nickson and was uploaded on his Youtube channel.

Nickson calls this edited scene “Spinterstellar”, in which a giant space ship has been replaced by a huge Fidget Spinner rotating in the space. The scene looks real as even the original dialogues match the edited part having fidget spinner. “Get ready to match our spin with the retro thrusters”, says Matthew in his attempt to stop the ship that totally looks like fidget spinner – a stress relieving toy which is currently the center of attention for fun to public.

Joseph Nickson spent couple of hours re-creating this scene for the audience. Those who will be watching the movie in 2017, will also witness this edited version on Youtube while searching for one of the famous scenes of this awesome science-fiction movie.

The obsession behind Fidget Spinner:

Although there are many stalling toys available in the market, some are used to kill time and some play effective role in relieving stress, but none of them took the world by storm as Fidget Spinner did. Currently the spare time obsession of the people of all age, this toy is on super demand.

Fidget Spinner is nothing complex but a simple three pronged design with a bearing in its center circular pad which makes the toy spin when handhold from its center point. The mechanism is too attractive and attention grabbing that nobody can simply resist playing with it.

Invented in 1990s, Fidget Spinner was initially advertised as an object that can help the patients of Autism and Anxiety to build focus by working on the brain nerves to provide psychological relieve, but since now it can be seen in 2017 as the most popular toy to play and have fun with, the Fidget Spinner is providing much more than just building focus or release stress.

Kids, teenagers, adults, and even old people are buying fidget spinners of different kinds and designs. The price of a fidget spinner depends on the material that’s being used in it. Market has this toy available in prices as little as $2 to as high as $700, which tells how much important this toy has become for people these days.

The obsession has led people to make cartoons and comics on it, have it printed on shirts, mugs, bags and caps, animated videos, and even the demand of this toy in porn. Recent report revealed that the top porn websites had fidget spinner on most searched porn by the viewers.

But nothing is good to a level of obsession; a kid recently got injured while playing with the fidget spinner. His mother claimed that her kid could have gotten a serious injury on eye but luckily, the evil Fidget Spinner missed!

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