Feel stressed out with the hectic work routine? Here are top gadgets which can help you out

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In today’s competitive world, it is really hard to survive, adding to loads of stress on our minds daily. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, it is now quite possible to relieve your stress with state-of-the-art gadgets. Therefore, if you were looking for ways to ease off your mind, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of top gadgets which can help you calm and release stress.

Chalkboard Organizer ($24)

We all tend to have messy routines with an immense workload. The workload creates a lot of stress on our minds and maybe organizing it wouldn’t decrease the workload itself, but would surely ease off your mind since you are more likely to think clearly.

There is a magnetic weekly planner, on which you can write with a chalk if you want. Sticky notes can be attached to the wall mounted chalkboard organizer as well. This will allow you to look at all your work in one place. You can get one from Amazon here.

Jerk Balloon Stress Balls ($10)

Obviously, we surround ourselves with all sorts of people. It is not necessary that we like to meet them, or we may even have something against them. Instead of taking it out all on them, it is beneficial to have a Jerk Balloon Stress Ball. These have carefully designed wordings on like, “I hate you”, “Die Already” etc. so that you may say these things to the ball instead of people. You can also DIY your choice of words to write on plain stress balls, which you can get from Amazon here in just $8.

Hypnocube ($100)

If you feel that you are tired just mentally, then this is your thing. The hypnocube is made up of 64 RGB LEDs. These LEDs have more than a whopping four thousand different color combinations. Therefore, get ready to be mesmerized by the displays this elegant cube is going to deliver courtesy all its transitions. Purchase it from Amazon here.

Giant Stress Ball ($20)

If you just feel like you want to hit or break something, yet don’t have a punching bag, you can make do with this giant stress ball. Instead of breaking your things at home, you can hit it any way you like because it can sustain nearly unlimited hits since it is made up of thousands of small gel balls. When you hit, they just make enough way for you to feel like you just punched someone hard. Not only this, but you can also choose from two colors i.e. blue and pink. Get it from Amazon here.

BuckyBalls ($25)

These are cubes, which can be used to create large patterns. The cubes aren’t weak and are strong. Not only this, but they also attract other buckyballs bigger than their own size. While creating structures it is an easy way to ease off stress. Buy these from Amazon here.

AquaFarm ($90)

People like to have fish as their pets, and specifically have an aquarium for them. Seeing them for some time, and pondering over their activities can help you put your mind at peace. The only problem is that the fish tank needs to be cleaned regularly. Fear not, for this aquafarm can do what you don’t want to do. It can self-clean the Aquarium environment and can also grow organic food for you by itself. To grow organic food, it uses the fish waste and thus helps keep the tank clean too at the same time.

You can keep this at your workplace or even at your home. Though, you would need to buy plants and fish separately. You can get it from Amazon here.

Executive Sandbox ($30)

Most of us like to spend time at the beach and feel its sand on our skins, but sadly we can’t because can’t manage the time between our hectic work schedule. What if the beach came to us itself (Sort of)? Yeah, it is possible courtesy this Walnut-made Sandbox with a polished finish, in which you can carry beach sand to your workplace. You can easily feel the beach sand, without having to go there actually. Buy it from Amazon here.

Solar System Paperweight ($40)

Sometimes when we are all alone we do question our existence and the universe. Having a Solar System Paperweight out there at your workplace or even at home can get you thinking about the universe. It reminds that a person how great he may be is nothing when compared to the solar system, which isn’t, in fact, the only universe out there. There are plenty of others. Thinking like this can help you solve big problems, which aren’t big actually. Perhaps, just another way to look at things. You can buy it from Amazon here.

Desktop Foosball ($55)

Remember how Joey and Chandler used to play Foosball together every night? That was one way for Chandler to ease off himself after a whole boring day at work. But, considering the fact that Foosball table requires much space and money (obvio), there is just a small, miniature version which you can buy for just $55. Whenever you get a break, you can always call in your workplace partner to play the game at a small level. Measuring only 1.25″ x 4″ x 8″, and available in a green-field design, the Desktop Foosball, is the perfect candidate for your everyday stress release game. Get it from Amazon here.

Desktop Rugby ($9)

Like there is a desktop Foosball, there is also a desktop rugby especially for our rugby fans out there. It is available for a very low price; just $9. There is a rugby ball with the set, along with a kicking tee and set of poles too. Easily bring your mind at peace with a little game of rugby now and then. Purchase it from Amazon here.

Shaitsu Heated FootMassage ($250)

Science says that massages are the best way to heal your body and stress. By stimulating reflexology zones of the soles of your feet you would be enjoying one of a kind massage. On top of this, you can also turn on the heat, to keep your feet warm while you enjoy the massage. In case your work relies on moving a lot, with much less rest team, this is the perfect gadget for you. Get if from Amazon here.

Body Massage Mat ($100)

You can also opt for a full Body Massage, all courtesy a mat. Stress causes body stiffness as we all know. This stiffness can particularly occur around the shoulders and the neck. The mat offers you a great massage, and can be a great way to calm yourself after a whole hectic day in front of the computer. You can buy it from Amazon here.

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