Featured Albums: A staggering feature brought by Facebook in the world of multimedia

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Facebook has recently updated its albums with new incredible features and abilities to make it more striking and endowed it with a nostalgic touch. Apart from adding photos and videos in the album, users can also add posts, status updates and check-ins now.

Whenever a user will re-visit the album, these features will facilitate him with a full evocative experience. Basically, Facebook albums now have the capacity to store the updates to albums, post and status update just by switching a toggle button.

Users can now invite their friends as well while making albums, allowing them to collaboratively make albums, this will also allow the user’s friends to add videos, photos and post to the album.

This mutual effort of creating and keeping the memory stored in the form of photos, videos, post, check-ins in a single album will keep it alive. From today, the update is rolling out on Facebook (Android and Website).

According to a CNET report, this new startling feature brought by Facebook for android users will be soon available to iOS user. The new features unveiled by Facebook for its albums known as ‘Featured Album’.

If the user desires then they can showcase their favorite albums on the right of their profiles. Whenever user’s friends will update the albums, they will be notified. As reported by Gadgets360 Facebook explained, “Never fear you are missing an update on your friend’s new puppy. You can follow their album, and see all new updates to that album in your News Feed. Remember that notifications for specific albums can always be turned on/off.”

Augmenting the features of Facebook (albums) will facilitate the application, as standing out in the market and maintaining position is quite thorny.  Previously Snapchat unveiled a feature which enables its users (a group of people) to contribute in a single story by adding photos or videos.

Now Facebook brought this feature (Featured Albums) in the market, this will be a boon for Facebook itself, as in the last few weeks we have seen Facebook is bringing out new startling feature in Facebook video section.

Last month, the ‘Live with’ and ‘Live with Friends’ features were brought by Facebook which are now fancied by the users. These two features enable the users to add their friends in their live videos or communicate with the people who are viewing the live without even closing the video.

Through Featured Album feature of Facebook, the users can share their experiences in a much better way. They can tell their stories related to the videos and photos. This is a boon especially for the brands, public figures and publishers.

Feature Album is a better and advanced way of communicating with the world through social media. Sharing the whole mutual experience in a single album is astounding. Now there is no need of making many albums of a single experience, just invite your friends and share the all the pictures, videos, update post and add check-ins.

This newly added feature is quite beguiling for the Facebook users and surely Featured Album feature will be a big hit in the world of social media.

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