Fall Guys will use Fortnite’s anti-cheat system to fight the Hacker problem

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Fall guys is facing a huge increase in the number of hackers. To tackle this, they have planned to implement the Fortnite anti-cheat software created by Epic Games. They posted about this on Sunday when they apologized to the community for the problem and updated about their plan.

Fall guys was released on 7th August, and it quickly became one of the most loved games. The game has already sold over 7 million copies on Steam and has become the most downloaded game through PlayStation PS plus. The game concept is wildly related to the popular game show ‘Wipeout”. The match starts with 60 players in a lobby who compete through multiple rounds with some players getting eliminated at the end of each one. The first player to survive or complete the final challenge is crowned as the winner.

With such a large player base, there is a significant portion who makes use of hacks. The game is fairly new and we are already seeing a rise in the number of hackers. Speaking from personal experience, I have faced a hacker every fourth or 5th game. These hackers use hacks that allow them to see through obstacles, give them super-speed through which they complete the obstacle course in a matter of mere seconds, or even fly to avoid falling in the slime. Most importantly, they ruin the game experience for other players.

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Fall Guys will use Epic Games anti-cheat

Fall Guys started facing hackers in its first week of release and thus the entire community became upset. To address this problem, Mediatonic introduced the player report option. With the help of this option, players could report cheaters and help the developers ban them from the game. While this idea was great in theory, it did not work out in reality as planned. So they removed this feature and implemented a better and automatic system instead. This feature has clearly failed as well since the hackers are still at large.

The twitter account of Fall Guys has finally acknowledged the extent of the problem and issued an apology to the community. In addition to this, they have said that an update is in the works through which they will introduce Epic Games anti-cheat system for Fortnite. They are pretty confident in its abilities and hopefully, it will get rid of these hackers.

Epic Games Anti-Cheat system

After games like CS GO were ruined because of cheaters, people became hopeless that developers could make a game hack-proof. Epic Games came to their support with their anti-cheat system which they implemented in Fortnite and got rid of thousands of hackers. Currently, Fortnite uses two anti-cheat systems: Easy Anti-cheat (owned by Epic) and BattlEye. Both of these have been proven to be fruitful in regards to getting rid of the pests (i.e. hackers).

Hackers in Fall Guys ruin the experience for everyone

Mediatonic hasn’t revealed which one of the Fortnites anti-cheat services will the game be using. Maybe they will use both of them, this is a question time will tell but one thing is for sure, the hackers will hopefully get a VAC ban instead of a crown.

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Hackers can kill the game

It’s no surprise that hackers ruin the game for everyone else. People who face them prefer the game to end quickly or just directly exit it despite the fear of a timeout penalty. These bad experiences make the player less interested in the game and overtime the game starts to lose its player count. We’ve seen this happen to CS GO and PUBG in the past. If the developers don’t come up with a solution fast, Fall Guys could die as fast as it blew up.

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