Fall Guys Tips and Tricks – How to be the last man standing and win games

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Fall Guys is the new buzzword these days with the adorable yet cruel game gaining unprecedented popularity online. Based on the simple concept of a Takeshi’s Castle or Wipeout-like game show, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the true breath of fresh air that we desperately need right now.

It is actually quite surprising that it took someone this long for someone to execute this idea into a video game format. However, while the idea of it may seem easy, the implementation is always much more complicated. Fall Guys, though, manages to find a very good balance between humor, competition, and general jankiness.

Controlling an adorable little blob-like creature that looks like something straight out of gang beasts, all you have to do in Fall Guys is to survive. The game starts with 60 players thrown into a random game mode (usually a race with obstacles) with only half of those qualifying for the next round. The numbers keep going down with each round as you progress through different races and other courses.

Your objective is to beat them all and become the last man standing. It is easier said than done though as the game, albeit looking like a box of Christmas candy, can be pretty unforgiving. Since the people you’re competing against in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are real people, they’ll also give their all to make sure that they qualify for the next round.

You’re going to need more than just luck in order to survive the chaos and make it through. And, after the beta, many people have already found different strategies and techniques that really boost your chances of reigning supreme. So, here are some of the best tips and tricks that will set you apart from the rest of the pack and massively improve your chances of getting that Fall Guys crown.

1. Don’t get drawn into big crowds

The chaos that ensues during a regular round of Fall Guys is insane, to say the least. Bodies flailing everywhere, players tugging each other, and massive crowds trying to squeeze into tiny spaces, Fall Guys has it all. Going against the grain can sometimes be really handy though. In Fall Guys, you literally want to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.

Fall Guys
Image: Steam

For instance, if you’re in a race, try to keep a distance between yourself and other players that are running together in a messy conglomeration. You need to have some personal space for yourself to move around and adjust to the oncoming hurdles. If you’re stuck between a crowd, you lose your ability to maneuver quickly and adapt to your environment because you’ll just end up running into someone else.

So, since agility and dexterity are so key to success in Fall Guys, you really need to have some space around you at all times to adapt and move according to the course.

2. Diving is winning in Fall Guys

Winning in Fall Guys is all about being smart with your actions, and that includes both movement and jumping. Now, as far as the jumping is concerned, you can either jump normally or you can jump and dive. The jump and dive combination essentially lets you jump farther which means that you cover more distance quickly.

Another benefit of diving is the fact that it stops your character from tumbling down if you collide with something mid-jump.

However, the dive can be a double-edged sword as well since it can take your character some time to recover from a dive if not done properly. So, you really have to choose your moments and contemplate when to dive. For instance, diving across the finish line can really help you in getting the upper hand during close situations.

3. Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Despite there being only one winner at the end of a Fall Guys game, teamwork still plays a massive role in getting you there. While it may come off as disingenuous, you really need to take advantage of other players in Fall Guys and then betray them when the time is right. There can only be one winner and you need to make sure that it’s you.

Fall Guys


Teamwork starts from the usual team-based games in Fall Guys like the Egg Scramble. You work together and make sure that your team gets through to the next round. Simple enough, right? However, it is the other modes that sometimes require teamwork even more than the ones that tell you to do it.

For example, during the See-Saw rounds, you need to work together with other people to make sure that the seesaws stay in their place and don’t tumble over too much to one side. Or, in other games like the hex-a-gon, you can team up with someone and have your own separate corner. However, that one will always end with a sad and ruthless betrayal.

4. Capitalize on the failure of others

A lot of game modes on Fall Guys require you to just get through them with sheer luck. Modes like Door Dash and Tip Toe are completely randomized and there’s no possible way for you to know what the correct way is. So, rather than being the first one to hit the wrong door or fall down, wait for others to try it out.

Never be the first one to attempt something in these luck-based game modes. Just try to lurk behind the leading players and see where they go. Usually, these modes show up during the first few rounds of the game so even if you’re not the first one across the finish line, you’ll still have plenty of spaces left to qualify.

5. Fall Guys doesn’t have a one size fits all strategy

At the end of the day, there are tons of ways to be successful in Fall Guys. All of this depends on your technical prowess and the type of game mode you’re playing. While not tussling with other people might be a good idea in one game mode like the see-saw, it can be an excellent weapon when trying to get the upper hand in the rolling ball game.

Similarly, some maps require you to follow the straight path and stay in the middle. For instance, it is better to stay in the middle and follow the common path during the revolving doors race. However, when you have fruits coming at you on the conveyor belt, your best bet would be to stick to the sides as much as you can since the chances of being hit by a fruit there are much lower.

Image: PlayStation.com

Additionally, some modes like the rising slime also require you to take the lead and finish as fast as possible. On other modes like door dash though, it is always better to hang back and wait for someone else to make a mistake.

So, there is never really a hard and fast rule for how you’re supposed to approach Fall Guys games. Having said that, if you really study the patterns within each individual game mode, you can really extrapolate some interesting findings and apply those techniques and strategies for your next game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is out now on PC and PlayStation 4. The game is also included in the PlayStation Plus Free Games for the month of August 2020. You can download it and jump in right here.



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